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The Origin behind Immortal Prynce starts off being the oldest of his kind. A theif; a man who stole from his very kingdom, slaves, women, soliders, and even parents. A Master at his work, Immortal Prynce was the wealthiest of them all. He felt he needed more then just money, power, and sexual satisfaction. He wanted to be a God; and a God he was soon to meet. Eventually Immortal Prynce pasted away murdered by his own wife.
The one who poisoned him to sleep. He loved her dearly, and revenge was the last thing he would seek. When his life was taken by his beloved. His spirit lingered on, and he walked the spirit world for centuries, millenniums, and decaids until he found a soul that connected with him. A little Boy who shared his stories with Immortal Prynce. A boy who let Immortal Prynce inside. Now he walks the world in the shoes of Roy. This child didn't know any better, but as time goes on they both grew strong together. Controlling and munipulating time as they don't age. Immortality; Living forever never dying or decaying. A gift and a curse.

"Only those who are choosen can see the lights many times during life."
-Immortal Prynce

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Immortal Prynce
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Immortal Prynce
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Miami, FL

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