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BassAmp (Guitar, Vocals) and Dan-O (Bass, Vocals) have been playing punk rock ever since they were wee lads of about 14 years old in a band called The Perverts... in the many years that followed they went on to play in a handful of other notable punk bands like the Pubes, The Haddonfields, Ded Bugs, Mini-Skirt Fetish, the Sunday Night Car Bombs and more before realizing their true calling was to band together and solely create the most rowdy, whiskey drenched, got-damn AMERICAN punk rock known to man. Thus a few mere years ago BASSAMP and DANO was born. The band is outfitted by drummer Dan Kelley and lead guitarists Matt and Jef Bug to create an immense wall of punk rock. The band is currently finishing their first full length, The Hangover Black, just finished a track for "A Very Bert Dax Christmas Vol. 9 and they just got done doing some Midwest dates with labelmates Sex Robots !

BassAmp and Dano bring the same fury of the early Queers, Sloppy Seconds, and the Dwarves... It's punk rock from the old school for the new (and old) fools. Not for those who are too weak to party and get wayyyysted, they make a rauckus ruckus and demand everybody else does, too. With songs about Beer, Whiskey, partying and what's AMERICAN (Sylvester Stallone remodeling your home... THAT's AMERICAN), how can you go wrong?

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Band Members
Bassamp- Guitar/ Vox Dano- Bass/ Vox DK- Drums/ Vox Matt Bug- Guitar Jef Bug- Guitar Joe Kessler- Guitar Johnny Cyber- Piano/ Keyboards Brice B- Guitar Mario- G
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Bassamp and Dano
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Rock / Punk Rock / Punk

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Saint Louis, MO
Stan DuBarr

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