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Our Home the Sun. A name that perhaps does not strike fear in your heart, but one that is indeed capable of leaving you temporarily perplexed. Most of us spend our lives searching for answers to impossible questions, trying to find some comfort in ideals that verify our own existence. While some quickly find their truths and faithfully abide by them, others are more fickle with their trust and to whom or what they grant it. This is the personal truth that rings clear through Our Home The Sun's eclectic mix of song and style.

It is not enough to say that Michael Monroe's (Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals) lyrics have depth. With a quirky attitude, and a songwriter's whit, you may, at times, not be certain as to how you should feel. His poetic style intentionally creates a scenic pathway for your mind's eye throughout each song. Touching on the topics of life, death, passion, complacency, consequences, dreams, doubts, fears, and our journey through all of life's uncertainties, his inscriptions can encompass your thoughts for days.

This is not the only enticing element of their music, however. Through the culmination of their labors, passions, and individual backgrounds, they have taken a blank canvas and transformed it into an easily appreciated audible masterpiece. Some in the band are road worn, others more technically trained. A mixture of diverse personal influences such as Folk, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Electronic, Bluegrass, Americana and more, has made every member a unique ingredient to the band's secret formula.

The Band's stronger influences include Wilco, The Band, Bob Dylan, and The Allman Brothers; they are probably best described as Progressive Folk Rock. One of the special qualities of this group is their chemistry on stage. Although the band is only two years old, (the current line up has not even been together over a year) you wouldn't be able to tell with the energy and love radiating from the stage. These guys are not afraid to experiment, and can go from "Play that funky music white boy" to "Floating through space on a galactic river of ambiance" before you can even realize what's happening. When you do realize what's happening, though, you will always end up in a pleasant place.

Our Home The Sun is a Dallas to Austin transplant and they are currently working on their first album. They plan to release an EP in July that includes three tracks from the upcoming album. The music is their means of sharing love and expression with those around them. To them, when all is said and done that truly is what's most important. So whether you have life figured out, or you are intent to merely exist, Michael Monroe and his merry band of astronauts are here to guide you as we float around on this giant rock in space, orbiting around our home the sun.

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Mike Monroe; Vocals, Guitar; Dustin Wilson: Lead Guitar, Vocals; Jose Gutierrez: Drums, Vocals; Josh Comeaux: Organ, Vocals; Henry White: Bass
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Our Home The Sun
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Rock / Folk / Alternative

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Austin, TX

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