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The Bay Area representative Braxton Bills, also known as Stuntman, is approaching the scene from all different angles with one goal in mind, TO BE HEARD. Aside from being a lyricist, Stuntman is a clothing designer, producer, engineer, and is a part of an Independent Photography team, Innovative Insight, and has had his hand in shooting and editing videos. Seems like a lot doesn’t it, well there is more, Stuntman does not only work behind the camera’s he has also appeared on a independent film directed by Anthony “Slap it Tone” Jackson due to be released in 2013.

Stuntman growing up to become not only a well-defined artist but a business man comes as no surprise being that he was born into music, in a sense. On December 1st of 1988 Kimberly Mills, also known as Quiz, gave birth to Stuntman. She was not only a hip hop dancer but a lyricist as well. Ms. Mills did not let go of her dream when she had her son, she kept it alive at the same time as handling her responsibilities. Stuntman, since a young age, was at the recording studios, dance studios, gigs and concerts right along with his mother.

“I remember when I was young, I would always wonder why we were in the studio for so long,” Stuntman laughs. “I would ask my mom why did it take so long? I remember after I asked her that she told me about adlibs and doing separate tracks and then she started letting me hear it as the song progressed.”

At the tender age of 6 years old, Stuntman wrote his first song, and from there he has never stopped.

“I seen my mom doing it, she went hard so I figured if she could do it why cant I?” And that is exactly what he is doing right now; paving a way for the younger generation. With songs like “Life on Track” and “Growing Pains” you can already tell that Stuntman is ready to tell a story, so will you let him?

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