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While you are reading this we are working hard on our new album “Time and Space”. Well, maybe its three in the afternoon on a Monday. We’re probably not working on it then. The album promises to be filled with rock songs, pop vocal hooks, all set on a progressive tone.

We’re excited about this album because its all new to us. We’re trying things we haven’t tried before, in a setting we’re not used to seeing. Tying different genres together with ideas and lyrics. We’re excited for you to hear the tones we’ve got for “Time and Space”

We have all come together, and you are here reading this bio, because of Joe.

Back in high school, before any of us actually knew Joe, is where all of this began. The story goes that a group of his friends were starting a band. I think he’s said that he knew a few chords on the guitar at the time. However, he told his buddies that he was an exceptionally good bassist, that they should pick him up and he’d play bass in the band. I’ve heard that the first practice they had, he came in with a brand new bass, never played a lick in his life. (haha) Man, that’s just Joe! “Oh, what’s that part? Nah, man, I’ve got it. Just give me five minutes.” He always does get it. Honestly, I know I’m the “lead guitarist”, but he plays just as hard, just as fast as anyone I’ve played with.

After that first practice he knew that’s what he wanted to do.

Each of our stories are a variation of that one.

Its funny how it goes. I mean every group forms with hall of fame expectations. We were all young, no one wanted to believe that it wasn’t written in the stars for us to succeed. The alternative was too dark for us. It rang too true.

In high school, each of us were apart of different bands. Each had a name we thought was clever at one time or another. We all had different styles, we still do. It’s interesting that we have such different styles, techniques and tastes, but can still play together. I believe Joe was in a couple of metal bands. Amy has played so hard, she’s destroyed her kit a few times. She also has a background in country music. Josh has played in a reggae group. I’ve played in quite a few blues bands. And to round us off, Ryke has been a part of some noteworthy indie bands.

We really have come from different musical backgrounds. I guess sometimes you find harmony in contradiction. For example, you’ll hear a little Coldplay in this song, a little blues in this one. Maybe some post- grunge in another song. A schizophrenic band makes for interested musicians.

Joe released his debut EP “Into the world” June 20, 2013 before any of us had been asked to join him as a group. All of the songs were written by him. Actually, I believe he found the extremely lovely, (and just as equally talented) Amy Shore and recruited her to play drums on the tracks. After recording was finished Joe was looking to score a backing band.

With Amy having played on the EP, she was an obvious choice for the drums. I’ve played with few drummers that can meet her intensity, even fewer that can match her passion. Anyone can bang the hell out of the snare. It takes a real artist and real skill to hit it perfectly. Every beat. Every time. Her talented has even been recognized by the country artist Collin Raye, with whom she toured with.

We’re all lucky that he recruited the musical “mad scientist” Ryke Egbert (from the recently split “Zero Summers”). Ryke has this gift for finding the perfect addition to a song. Its like adding seasoning to a meal. Sometimes, you might not notice it till its not there. I’m always the most excited to hear what he will add to the song. Honestly, it always becomes my favorite part. Through a friend of mine (and former bass player of the band) I was brought into the group. Josh Krall rounds out the band with the bass. Josh is very good at not only quickly adapting to any situation, but becoming the best part of the situation. It’s like stopping a complete stranger on the street and somehow, by the end of the conversation, you’re best friends. We don’t know how he does it. We’re just happy he does.

I remember feeling nervous the first few practices. When you start playing with others, you’re trying hard to impress everyone, but you don’t want to overstep your bounds. Its like a dance, with four other people... and you’re all blindfolded. It was always fun, but it wasn’t like we just sat in a room and nailed it. We practiced…. a lot. We played some shows and we sucked. But, we always had fun. I knew we were going to be awesome, because, at the end of the show, we’d look at each other and say, “Lets do that again!”

Here’s the thing. You could teach a monkey to play our parts. (I mean, it’d have to be one of those super smart monkeys from planet of the apes. I’m sure that one of those monkeys could play our parts.) Its the feeling you have when you hear the music. Its how you play the part. We knew we’d play together well because “how” Ryke plays the part, it’s “how” Joe presents himself on stage. Its “how” Josh slides into his groove. It’s because of “how” Amy rocks her way into it. Any idiot with a synth pad can create something catchy. It’s how you play it.

We didn’t write the music to change the world. We wrote it to change us. In the hope that you would come join us. We can’t express ourselves by speaking. We express ourselves through another sound.
We’ve never been so excited about making an album together. “Time and space” will push the bounds of our tone. We can’t wait for you to hear it.

-Crazy Legs

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Joe Ecker - Songwriting, Ryke Egbert - Guitar, Dean Nelson - Guitar, Amy Shore - Drums, Josh Krall - Bass
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Joe Ecker and The Ripple Effect
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