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Started playing when I was around 13 and there’s was no way at the time that I could convince my parents to pay for me to get guitar classes, so I knew since I was young that I was going to learn to play the hard way so I decided to start learning how to play by ear, and when I was around 15 I pretty much learned enough to know how to play a couple of songs. Back then there was no internet around so I started learning from people that played guitar in high school, I used to see how they move their finger and played and pretty much made it easier for me to play and learn more songs. At the same time I started listening to Punk Music(like the Casualties, the Unseen , A Global Threat, Broskys Revolt, Sex Pistols, the Ramones ,Defiance , the Adicts to name a few.) I also liked Marilyn Manson, and Guns and Roses because the uncle that I stayed with at the time had their cd.(but I thought it was too difficult for me to learn at the time) When I was 16 I joined a punk band called Stutter that my high school friends started and i ended up joining the band cause one of their guitarist got kicked out so I decided to join the band and immediately started playing backyard shows in South Central, Bell, H.P, Downey, Bell Gardens, South Gate, Compton, Watts. A couple of different line ups happened and with the new name of A Classless Society we found ourselves getting picked up by a record label called Vicious Records. We recorded our Demo but soon after that, we got informed that the record label was having financial problems and were thinkin of changing the genre of music but soon they just disappeared. At the time I was 17, homeless and started another band with one close friend of mine and a couple of the band member that I had in previous band and called ourselves Another Attack . We didn’t have a singer at the time so the guitarist decided that I should sing and that’s how it happened . Our main genre was Pogo and Punk and so we started playin backyard shows in Compton and South Central mainly , and at this same time one of my friends from Aborto Social lost their singer , and invited me to sing cause they had a backyard show and they wanted to play it ,they were more like a D-beat band and I already like their music so it was really easy for me to say yes . My other band Another Attak broke up so I stayed as a singer for Aborto Social . Me, the guitarist and the drummer for Aborto wanted to start a band kind of like Inepsy but never put it together . Little by little I started liking more and more Guns and Roses and getting into Motley crue , Motorhead , Judas Priest , New York Dolls. A this time it was hard for a band to get listened cause we didnt really have internet , and it wasn’t as big as it is right now and as easy for a band to get heard . And I started moving alot cause I didnt really had a place to stay in . I moved from place to place and at moments slept behind dumpsters , bench parks , behind police stations , in the libraries bench , under a half pipe at a local skate park . I’ve lived in places All over L.A, Hollywood , San Diego, Aguascalientes , Tijuana and i want to thank all the people that have helped me , they know who they are .Soon After i started playin and hanging around the Sunset Strip circuit , and met a drummer at a W.A.s.P show i believe who told me he had a guitarist and was looking for a bassist , so i started playing bass with them and we decided to call ourselves Loaded Guns . Actually it was one of the member from that band that started calling me C.c. after one drunken night at a show at the Key Club . It all started with me and the drummer drinkin Jack Daniels , and for some reason my friend was all like in love with his then girlfriend(if you can say that ) and was carving his girlfriends initials in his hand , and me in my drunkeness didnt really see that as something that he should be doing after only dating for a really short period of time , so i grabbed my switchblade knife and told him , "dont be a pussy" and carved my initials on my chest , being C.c. , so we kept drinking and i forgot about it , soon we left to the front of the key club , i was wearing a shirt so by the time that everyone saw it , my cut was full of blood and my drummer said C.C whats that , and someone around there heard it and thought that it was my name , so by the end of the night everyone was calling me C.c. , theres a pic actually where you can see my cut taken with 2 girls and my then drummer , but its lost somewhere in the web. Despite being a new band we were able to headline our first two shows at the Cat Club and Whiskey A Go Go. Unfortunately shortly after the group was disbanded... TO BE CONTINUE......

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