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Nick Mellow tells in his songs about the world as he sees it:
Always through the eyes of a dreamer who believes in the positive things in life, without concealing the often drab everyday life with its fears and worries. He tells of love and self-doubt, longing and hope, wrapped in heartfelt songs that go straight to the heart. Catchy melodies are skilfully combined with folky rhythms and expressive voice. Although Nick Mellow has a musical attachment to his role models which can be heard in his music, he has created an original sound through his mature songwriting. Nick is mellow; cheerful and gentle. These properties are able to reflect in the expression of his songs and in his appearance.

It was not so long ago that Nick decided to share his music and words with the world. The young multi-instrumentalist and partially self-taught musician, learned violin in his early years, and later drums, guitar and piano. This knowledge later benefited him when he - inspired by role models like James Morrison and John Mayer - wrote his first songs in sophisticated and elaborate arrangements recorded as demos at home.This was all self-produced with a strong penchant for perfectionism and the will to the best possible with the available resources. This was followed by the first regional gigs, among other things, by his own concert series at the Einstein restaurant in Aarau.
In the summer of 2013 Nick Mellow recorded for the first time with his live band in the studio. The debut single, „Complete“ including video clip, was released by his own efforts and marketed. The song received major support from fans, as well as positive criticism in the media and got nominated by the newcomer contest Demo Tape Clinic as best pop song 2014. There was a radio promo tour and a TV appearance on JOIZ TV, as well as concert support for the Freiburg solo artist, Gustav. Furthermore, Nick played at famous music festivals, such as Blue Balls Luzern and Open Air St. Gallen this year.
Now we are exitedly waiting for the announced debut EP, that will be released in winter 2015.

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Nick Mellow - Vocals / Guitar, David Krähenbühl - Drums, Ted Byron - Guitar, Emanuel Doessegger - Bass, Demian Coca - Keys
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Nick Mellow
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Pop / Folk / Soul

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Aarau, CH