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Well it all started when I was at middle school and I used to observer people beating on the tables and they was putting words together in a rhyming scheme and I was amazed on how they can do that and make it sound good,they had alot of people cheering for them and I wanted that......and one of my friends invited me over saying(Jay get on the mic) so I tried it and I saw how much attention I was getting and every one was feeling or instrested in what I had to say and I always wanted that bc at that time I wasnt getting that from home..so when it happen I wanted that all the time.....but I was still in school so I didnt think much of it,because after the beating on the tables every thing seemed to go back to normal but in that trance I was in my own world and everything I did or said was important like- THE GOVERNMENT- I felt like somebody before the music stopped..That was my first incounter with music.To make a long story short I went through my ups and downs meet one of the realest people which is Bub Loc,we been close ever since and he's been like a brother to me GOD has releaved alot of things and opportonies for us and here we are today.

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JayMic,2 Real For Texas,& X.O.,,
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Jay Mic
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Hip Hop / Rap / R&B

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Beaumont, TX