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GRAVESIDESERVICE began its insanity in the winter months of 01. It began as a two piece using synth and drums reminiscent of soundscape/thematic projects like Tangerine Dream. Founded by Jonathan Scungio and Ronald Andrechuck, natives of Providence Rhode Island, they sought a freshly bizarre sound inspired by and a compliment to the macabre horror films and books they were brought up on. With no working title for their project, they set to work rehearsing and writing for what would become an institution in their lives. The incubation phase of band forming saw many local players interested in the project and willing to give it a try; however, due to strict codes of deportment, high standards of work ethic, and the emotionally unsettling sounds that were produced, it became clear that the hobby musicians and weekend beer pointers would not suffice. Attrition was high. The available players were either deaf to the idea of ceremonial funeral doom or plain confused by what Jonathan and Ronald were trying to achieve both musically and aesthetically.
The dearth in instrumentation assistance was counterbalanced by a strengthening of resolve and effort by the founding members. The writing and concepts developed into a challengingly expressive, vibrant soup of morbidity that kicked up dust in the dried fields of Rhode Island’s starving ‘metal scene.’ It wasn’t until the winter of 2003 that a name for the project emerged. The name came about as a result of a visit by an unknown traveler to one of the group’s rehearsals. The man was a free-spirit vagrant type that suggested the group do funerals for folk that are either still living or long dead. It is clear that this christening is the rebirth of GRAVESIDESERVICE.
The no longer nameless project of horror and blasphemy continued to draw breath from the abyss and the abyss reciprocated with a steady flow of occasionally talented but ultimately inadequate musicians. The founding members were resilient in the face of discouragement and even ridicule by the local ‘metal scene.’ It wasn’t until 2004 that Ronald met a gentleman in 2004 with a complimentary vision for the task at hand. Brian diCicco joined to play bass guitar. The symbolic and sonic importance of the bass guitar’s low end sparked an unnatural evolution in Brian’s style of playing and medium. Before the winter of 2004 would set, the essential needs of the band were defined and Brian learned to play piano. The trio became solid friends and working partners to discover and partially disclose the occult foundations for the true essence of ceremonial funeral doom.
GRAVESIDESERVICE is now a visceral organ in the bowels of its members. The absence of support from the local music scene emboldens the members to push the limits of their creativity and challenge an entrenched status quo that exists in the Rhode Island ‘metal scene.’ The band is not completely without support, the head of the church of worldwide satanic liberation, Paul Douglas Valentine, made them honorary members in 2006. Also Xastur, a pioneer in the musical articulation of the substance of hopelessness, has given a nod to the band’s efforts. Thus, the band is both philosophically and musically validated by authorities in their respective domains. The creative process of GRAVESIDESERVICE continues as they work to perfect an atmosphere that transports listeners to the locked cell in their own minds and leave them there with nothing but sound and the desperate futility of existence. This account of the nascent GRAVESIDESERVICE is far from finished as the band acts as vanguard and soundtrack for the coming singularity, apocalypse, or scientific unraveling of reality as people think they know it. Whichever comes first, GSS will be there.

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Brian E'Lan Dicicco, Ronald Armand Andruchuk, Jonathan "St. Lucifureva" Scungio, Roger Macmillan Hall, Fred Ordonez
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Metal / Dark Metal, Black Metal, Doom, Funeral / Aggressive Black Classical

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Cranston, RI

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