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Good day to all fans,and,friends thank yoou first of all to subscribing to my app. I was about 14 when i was really introduced to hip hop it started out i was always the one out of 3 boys that always stay inside to play video game and watch tv but then one day as i was gettting ready to play my sega genisis i heard that destinctive sound of The NOTORIOUS B.I.G.'s Juicy that i knew at that moment that i wanted to be a hip hop artist. Some of my inspirations are of course NOTORIOUS B.I.G.,2Pac,Eazy E,Dr. Dre,Snoop Dogg,Kanye West,Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne all of these artist and producers have had a hand in my music career and my life they all taught me something at some point and time in my life i would also like to take the time to thank 3 lovely special ladies in my life skylar{My Daughter},Evelyn{My Mother} and the late great MZ. KITTY KITTY aka Lois Mae Wooten{My Grandmother} they are the 3 main reasons that i make my music and last but defanitly not the least NASIR{MY PRINCE} so thank you for ready about me and getting to know a lil more about the person that they call Shyne Dominichi
8-15-84 TIL 2-13-14

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