Bent Richard was formed in April 1992. The band consisted of Scotty Schwoch-vocals, Mike Jackson-bass, Scott Riley-guitar, Doug Graham-drums. Their self titled CD release on indie label Sonic Bloom Records was released in February 1995. 'Blue Mudd' was in a national TV commercial for Neptune Wakeboards and Snowboards that aired on ESPN 2. 'Blue Mudd' was also released on a compilation CD from Neptune and was distributed nationwide. Five songs from the bands debut were also used on the soundtrack for Neptune's demonstration video. After countless shows and west coast tours, bassist Mike Jackson left the band in 1997 with the notorious Joe Dredd (War Babies, Motorland, Gene's Addiction) stepping into the line up to take his place. Not long after drummer Doug Graham would also leave the band bringing Bent Richard to its current line-up with Drummer Thomas Nadeau (Motorland, Old Lady Litterbug, Peepshow) behind the kit. In 1999 singer Scotty Schwoch relocated to Los Angeles and drummer Thomas Nadeau moved to London. Dredd and Riley would move on to work with other projects. The band was done.........or was it?........13 years later Scotty Schwoch moves back to Seattle, with Thomas Nadeau also returning to the homeland soon after, and the rest is history....2012 Bent Richard is back...Joe Dredd, Scott Riley, Thomas Nadeau, and Scotty Schwoch. IT'S GONNA GET LOUD!!!!!!

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Scotty Schwoch-vocals, Scott Riley-guitar, Joe Dredd-bass, Thomas Nadeau-drums
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Seattle, WA