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Hello The House is a 3 piece from Portland Oregon whose sound will often be referred to as alternative, progressive, and rock. Their influences range all over the spectrum from Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Tool, John Mellencamp, and Pink Floyd to name just a few. Live HTH throws a wall of sound at you that you rarely get from a three-piece band. The hard part was trying to capture that huge sound and live feel on the recording. So HTH went to work in March 2011 with John Neff down at his recording studio in Inverness, California. The album is due out April 2012.

Founding members Rudy Treasure and Wylie Foster are from the Vancouver, WA area and have been playing music together for over 10 years. Rudy moved to Los Angeles in 2001 looking to explore the LA music scene. Wylie moved down there in 2002. The two were barely friends at this point and met by chance at a bookstore in Hollywood on Wylie's very first night in the massive city. Rudy and Wylie were both shocked by this phenomenon and started playing and writing music right away. They had sit in bass players here and there, but none of the players at this point really got it, so they rocked as a two piece, and garnered a lot of attention.

They eventually both moved back up to Portland continuing to play as a two piece and that's where they met Ken Neff, who incidentally had just moved up from Los Angeles. Ken is a schooled bass player and recording engineer, and his playing fit Rudy and Wylie's odd time, tempo changing, extravagant compositions. He was in, the band would be called Gunfighter for now.

After barely getting their feet wet playing as a 3 piece Wylie got into a motorcycle accident, broke both ankles and feet, and obviously couldn't play the drums. The boys looked for a temporary replacement drummer but again couldn't find the right match. So a year and a half went by before Wylie was back full time, but things had grown very stagnant. So the guys had a crucial make or break meeting and decided to give it a full throttle go, and headed down to John Neff's studio in Northern California.

Which pretty much brings us up to date. HTH is gigging in Portland about once a month, as well as the NW frequently and plan to tour and support the new release this summer. Stay tuned friends, it's been a long and crazy ride and things are just getting started...

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Rudy Treasure, Wylie Foster, Ken Neff
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Hello The House
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Rock / Alternative / Progressive Rock

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Portland, OR

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