Razorized is a piece of flesh from Pengging, Central Java, Indonesia was try to spewing brutal death metal tunes. Originally formed in Sept. 2011 by Krisna (Guttural), Fajar (Guitar), Fandy ( Bass) and Meiba (Drum). In the end of 2011, Istat (Siraman Dalem) replace Fandi’s position on Bass to complete Razorized line-up. This line-up started writing material to create some shit overwhelmed by the heaviness of Cali-gorge (yes, we are Cali-gorge Worshipper,haha), Enmity’s barbaric brutal blasting, and sick theme by Lividity. We also dig some brutal act like Putridity, Condemned, Defeated Sanity, Cerebral Effusion, and many more… In the beginning 2012 we have finished 3 material that can describe brutality as heavy as we expected. Due busy on the main band, Istat decide to leave Razorized and replace by Rio at the middle 2012. Final line-up this band, Krisna (Guttural), Fajar (Guitar), Rio ( Bass) and Meiba (Drum). After several rehearsal dan playing some gigs, Sept. 2012 we record 3 track for upcoming demo and will ejaculating at 2013. Currently we are writing some new shit which we promised would be sicker, heavier, more brutal and will sodomized your fuckin’ ass…

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Metal / Death Metal / Brutal Death

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Boyolali, ID