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Benjamin B. Kai
Who performs under the name ( Benji Cavalli ) is an Liberian recording artist, instrumentalist, songwriter, and dancer. Benji was born (April 17,1984) in Monrovia, Liberia (West-Africa). He had always dreamed of being a singer. He started singing and dancing at the age of 9. His greatest influence has always been his uncle Zike Roberts one of Liberia's famous singer and songwriter. In 1997, Benji and his family moved to the Ivory Coast after his father passed. He started a new life by experiencing a new culture and a new language; French. In 2000, Benji Cavalli matriculated to the USA (Staten Island, New York).

In 2008 Benji was instrumental in organizing a "Coupe Decale" group called (Boucantiers Royale). The group was comprised of Fabio Armani, Douki Alfani, Ansu le Boucantier and Dale Bugarri. The group was based on the east coast of the USA (Philadelphia). Benji is now working on his solo project to show the world the other side of him. His music is a fusion of AfroPop, and R&B.

In 2011 He released his first album (My Time). Benji Cavalli has opened up for many international recording artists such as Kaysha, Emmerson, Koby Maxwell, Fatu Gayflor, Nimba Burr, Brenda Fassie, Serge Defalet, and more. He perform at the 3rd Annual Liberian Entertainment Awards and was nominated for best artist of the year. On December 18, 2011 Benji was honored by the City of Newark, NJ (Municipal Council) for best Performance.

Benji music is based on peace and love. He is seeking the opportunity to share his passion with the world to make a difference. He prays that he bring smiles, peace and love to every race. Your support and love would elevate him above and beyond.
Keep looking out for this up and coming star.

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