The goal of this music page is to educate ourselves and convey a peaceful message that unites everyone in the form of planet earth.
AVA literally means " Voice", " Call " in Persian language!
This music project is created by "Art in" ( Iranian Producer & DJ ) and AAVAA is s all based on a long journey through some countries all across the globe which is still continued.
More Members:
- " BLake Chamness" ( Guitars, Lyrics, Back Vocals)
- " Marc Iuliucci " ( Sax, Ukulele, Lyrics, Back Vocals )
- " Nicolette Elzie" ( Vocal )
- " Gregory Alexander " ( Vocal, Melodica )
- " Socratik Ave Satanás Belcebú " (Drums)
- " Poorya Kzm " ( Slide Guitar )
and many more...

# " Art in":
Art in is an Iranian songwriter and producer and DJ, who has recorded with several artists as well as David Bridie, Richard Mogu, West Riders, Rozbeh Yousefi and many more, while he had a long trip over a couple of countries ranging from Australia, UK and Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and States...

a Script Writer
# " BLake Chamness "
Born in Nacogdoches, TX, and briefly served as the first Socialist Mayor of Nacogdoches running under the slogan, "If we tipped how we tithed, the WORLD would come ALIVE." He currently drives a Jetta and is working on upgrading to a car more suitable for valet parking. He strongly supports freedom and teamwork.

a Writer,
a Poet,
a Guitarist

# " Marc Iuliucci "
From East Coast, New Jersey,
a Chemist!

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