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Who is CBoo? To know CBoo you need to know the other man and he is the C.E.O of Boo Productions and the creator of the Image of CBoo. This person is Christopher Vincent. Chris and CBoo are a duo that grew up together, lived together, learn together, and developed the plan of action to inspire the world and mold it into their image. But to understand the thought, you need to understand the inspiration. He developed through the soul and the spirit of inspirational and unique life changing events. Learn from the past of the good and the bad, for this is the way of the learn and grow. When CBoo speaks of the "Nation of Boo" or "Boo Nation" he speaks to his followers who want to learn and grow with him because as life changes we all change and can grow from mind, body, and spirit. CBoo is not a above anyone in the Nation, but he will speak his mind and if Boo Nation will continue to listen and want to hear his story, then his will keep on giving his message of self impowerment to the world. Change the world, Inspire a nation, in "YOUR" Image!

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CBoo- "The One Man Show"
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Hip Hop / New Aged / Spirtiual

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Canton, OH
Christopher Vincent

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