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The E.G.G. is an abbreviation for the Ed Golden Group, a power rock trio and a collaboration of three experienced Rock and Rollers. Serious about great guitar riffs, solid drums, vocals, and bass licks, the E.G.G. brings that huge rockin sound that is reminiscent of arena rock. Not just another cover band, the E.G.G. plays a variety of Rock, Classic Rock, Blues variation and ORIGINALS that will fill your inner most desire for some decent, satisfying music. From Aerosmith to Zeppelin and everything in between The EGG gives you that powerful performance that will make you grab your lighter and scream for more.
Ed Golden- Drums, Vocals
Drummer Ed Golden has been banging those drums since Jr. High School back in 1974. Since then he's played with bands such as- Hemi Underglass, SATYR, Joint Effort, and Legend.

He is influenced by great drummers like John Bonham, Neil Peart and Simon Kirk. Like the great drummers before him, Ed plays a ten piece Pearl set.

Playing with one kick pedal is not enough for Ed, he prefers and masters the double kick drum kit, which gives the E.G.G. that full rockin' sound.

Ed also carries the vocals for the band, which in of itself is no easy task, playing the drums and singing. You can always join in singing and drummers always welcome, because ED is a great front man too!
Rocker Gary Hendrick - Lead Guitar
Former member of 80's rock band Arsen, Gary Hendrick is well known in the Southern Maryland area for his awesome guitar licks and excellent guitar playing. He's been involved in music in one way or anther since he was a teenager. He also played in bands such as Bufford Fudd, Joint Effort, Forcer, and Vengance.
Gary is truly influenced by the legendary guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and his style certainly reflects those influences.

He's even named his guitar "Stratagarius".

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Ed Golden, Gary Hendrick and Friends
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The E.G.G.
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Rock / Classic Rock / Blues

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Upper Marlboro, MD

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