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Kyle Alan Schlesselman, or better known as his stage name “$pex”, is an American white Hip-Hop artist from the small town of Deep River, Iowa. $pex is also the first born sibling out of three, $pex has two younger brothers, Devin and Braden Schlesselman. All three siblings have the same parents. His parents have never been divorced. His mother Heidi Schlesselman has many health issues due to a very severe car accident in 2002. They go to various E.R trips due to these health conditions, such as seizures, fractures due to osteoporosis and severe migraines on a daily basis. His father Robert Schlesselman is a mechanic also as well as a farmer. He works three jobs trying to keep food on the table and a roof over his children’s heads.
$pex went to a small school in Montezuma, Iowa growing up he himself had health issues, such as Rheumatic Fever, which led into Sydenhams Khorea. This illness would cause him to have uncontrollable outburst in the middle of class and the kids in class would always call him turrets. $pex never let this bring him down he always walked around with a big smile on his face. He was always pushed and shoved into the lockers in school on a day to day basis. He was never allowed to sit at the tables with the rest of the kids at lunch he always had to sit alone.
$pex started going to youth group shortly after the illness got really bad and nobody wanted to be his friend. He then met Christian rap artist DoubleJ who inspired him to start writing music in 2008. In 2010 he recorded his first song “Music Was My Friend.” This led to the public quickly, and was played at sporting events for his school.
Shortly after, one of $pex’s friends introduced him to Producer/Song Writer Dylan Patterson, also known as Eskobar. $pex worked at a Kwik Star On Highway 21 as a cook and maintenance man, in order to make money to pay for beats and production, as well as recording of his music. This led to the making of $pex’s first Album “Attack of the Haterz”, which was popular for a short time around the Montezuma, Deep River, and the town surrounding areas within a 50 mile radius.
So since the album wasn’t highly successful, $pex decided to move to Las Vegas, NV to try out a music production college at IADT or the “International Academy of Design and Technology” $pex was there for a 10 week term before he had to leave due to personal issues in his life happening at his home there in Las Vegas.
Before he left, he got a call from Rapper Nicholas Mahoney also known as stage name Big Nick, saying he’s got a producer that will record all of my music completely for free. So $pex decided to drive the day drive back to the State of Iowa to pursue his dream further. He then met Music Producer Joseph Lewis, also known as J-Woe or J-Woesky, but mainly Joesky Woesky.
Now after $pex joined with J-Woe, his music career was able to get better every day. Joesky called his label SafeHouse Records, and decided to put $pex on his team. They made many collaborations with many different music artists, and life was starting to get a little better, until one day $pex gets a call saying his Mother had a seizure at home, and had to be life flighted by helicopter to the hospital. She had a bad seizure, which led into a stroke, which led her into a coma.
The family was very shocked about the whole situation; she ended up being in a coma for 15 days before she woke up, and it took quite the time for her to get used to walking and talking, and getting used to life once again.
So $pex decided to try something new to help out, he moved to Zimmerman, MN to check out a college in Minneapolis. The college, IPR, also known as the Institute of Production and Recording, was not working out for him either. Job services were not helping him find a good enough job to support bills everyday so once again, $pex moved back to Iowa to get back with Joe Lewis and record some more music.
$pex’s dream is to not just support himself, but support his family and the troubles they go through on a daily basis. He wants to prove to the world that he is different than everyone else, he wants to not just make himself happy, but make his whole family happy. $pex wants to support his whole family and all of the real friends who were there for him since day one. One day, $pex will make his dream come true, and be able to support everybody who has ever been there for him, and one day he will have no more struggles, no more stress, and no more pain, This is what $pex is all about, he is not about himself, he’s about supporting a team, and moving on with the everyday struggles that come his way.

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