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Tywan M. Harris, rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur, better known as CA$HMERE, is a veteran in the New York Underground Music scene. Starting out like many doing battle raps, he built his reputation in the streets of East New York, Brooklyn making appearances on mix tapes hosted by legendary DJs. DJ Enuff, was the first to believe in the potential and sound Cashmere had created in his home town, began to push Cashmere on NY’s premiere radio station, Hot 97.1. The buzz began to increase while working alongside DJ Kay Slay, who began featuring Cashmere on numerous Street Sweeper Mix tapes, and radio appearances. Soon his name branched out to other known radio personalities like Funk Master Flex, DJ Clue, and many more. With a growing fan base record labels started to grow interest in Cashmere.
In 2003, he released critically acclaimed Mix tapes "The Proposal" hosted by DJ Kay Slay followed by “Me & My Music” hosted by Mr. Cee in 2006. Cashmere’s resume had now grown tremendously, speaking for itself. In one of many articles written, Michael “Ice Blue” Harris from The Source Magazine claimed that, "Cashmere is leading the charge to bring the hip hop crown back home." (Source magazine, Aug ‘04, Issue 179) In the wake of his success, he realized it was time for him to take charge and founded his own independent label "THE CASH ADMINISTRATION" in 2006.
Cashmere was on top of his rap game proving high expectations, but struggled with the temptations of life. In late 2007, he was faced with legal struggles which led to incarceration. After dealing with his legal troubles, Cashmere has since taken his priorities and responsibilities very serious, since he learned firsthand what the power of a positive environment and atmosphere can do.
Realizing that the time taken away from his career would affect his name and reputation, he focused on new ways of promoting himself and reclaiming his stature as one of NY’s finest. Starting with the new era of music, Cashmere recorded the single “Birds Flyin High” he knew it would be the one to start his venture into the mainstream music world. An assortment of excited music executives took notice and believed his fresh sound of storytelling lyrics, and diverse use of beats.
In early 2008, he signed a deal overseas, and began working with a new agent representing Creative Artists Japan Co. Cashmere led a 7 day tour in Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia. He built a strong buzz overseas, bringing in a high demand and motivation to start recording his debut album “Take Me Away”. With his achievements and fan base on the east coast combined with his new found fan base there was little hesitation to extend Cashmere’s contract to a worldwide deal. No time was wasted in the completion of his latest vision. Since, record labels such as Def Jam, Sony, and E1 Music have sought out to work with the talent Cashmere has to bring.
Currently Cashmere and The Cash Administration are setting up a tour hitting all major US cities. Bringing his brand to hip hop with a new, yet classic vibe, this is sure to conquer many young and mature music lovers. In his career, Cashmere has worked with Akon, Bun B, Big Daddy Kane, Jim Jones, Lil Boosie, Maino while being featured on albums such as DJ Kay Slay’s “Street Sweepers vol.1”, “Pain from the Game”. He's also worked with Joel Ortiz on his debut album “The Brick Bodega”, as well as other well known compilations.
Cashmere is still hungry and motivated to become one of the best that ever did it.

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