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Following a long stay in Devon & Cornwall in and around the oldest country house NT property i was inspired to write a music highlighting the passages and importance of the ports and place up and down the river TAMAR
THE JEWEL OF THE TAMAR (cotehele) all rights reserved worldwide
An adventure story of a pirate who by chance discovers he has royal blood and returns to cotehele to amend his wicked ways. Only to find that an enchanted triangle has been opened with a magical JEWEL OF THE TAMAR and has left all its souls and spirits trapped in a quantum of time.
The story drifts over the centuries of historical cotehele and its quay. It is in fact a thousand years in one day.

Trajan 2014v
More photos and info to follow this has been 6 years in the making so looking forward to seeing the musical events planned unfold.
Trajan J Trathan

Life has always been for me, a creative challenge full of expression via my own original artistic ideas. I have never been the one to let the grass grow under my feet or leave a letter unturned.

Working from new Ideas?

I adore scripting naked words to the spoken desire! Interleaved with music then finally dressing them to a stage performance. I will add by saying I am self-driven! Wholly motivated by my own success and self-belief, rather than to chase any academic accolade. A piece of written work has to stand alone on its own merit, by way of the stimulating entertainment of brain matter giving satisfaction of the observer/Reader.

My Inspiration And Failing

I have a hearty loving family. All of them have become my inspiration! Failing that! They have become my worst critics. Poetic justice you may remark “So I’ve always had to try harder to fill the empty larder”.

Creative lessons?

My stories and musical aspirations performed from the Edinburgh Festival to a 14th century mansion house. I have held creative lessons in schools and written pieces for drama and dance examinations. I have even been known to appear on BBC radio and in the press when necessary. All this leads me foremost, to look for commercial gain in merited content not other than personal acclaim of the author/originator.

Highway to Success

I personally always welcomed good constructive criticism and believe a good remark either good or bad, can help the composer/author. So onward to the highway to success
And I look forward to pursuing your written gems and joules with great anticipation in the true tradition of B.O.T.L.

“May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, May good luck pursue you each awakening morning and every resting night.” (An Irish blessing)

Trajan 2012v http://www.trajanmusic.com

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Trajan J Trathan
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AMETHYST EYE from the Enchanted Triangle (DEVON & CORNWALL BOARDERS)
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