"Everyone suffers either the same or in different ways"

My name is FABIAN R NORIEGA JR stage name/rap name VERDADERO
I'm from that Valley Tx born 956 and raised in Chicago, Michigan ,Minnesota, Texas
I've been In the game since 02' but incarcerations held me back time after time came out in 06' did some music til 12'
minor setbacks I've always choose to stay solo
because I will never do me wrong I've helped so many artist open up perform gave them shine all I want is my respect give me a shoutout at least if I've ever helped compose your lyrics or engineered your music that's all I ask for is to give credit to who and where its due. Now I'm back stronger and wiser than ever
I lost my mom at age 10 so its was a rough journey now I have 3 children of my own so I do this for them
to make them proud to show them about the Lyrical Rebel and how I overcame the struggle people will always hate and envy
but its about unity lets make a hit lets make great music ..
for anyone who would like to collaborate holla at me lets get to it
much love and respect ..

Lieutenant General Verdadero

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Rap / Hip Hop / r & b

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Mercedes, TX

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