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Born in a basement in Nashville, TN, Fancytramp has found a style that is unique and bubbly with a dark twist. Fancytramp is more than just the obvious comparisons with dynamic and eclectic influences in everything from metal to disco. Translating perfectly from their recordings, Fancytramp's live show is tight, fast and loud. Aggressive without being abrasive and lyrically poetic without being cutesy.

Fancytramp is a triangle of melodic popular sound, comprised of Olivia Scibelli on Guitar & Vox , Betty Banyay on bass and Matt Manning on drumbs.

Fancytramp released "Singing Tower at Sunset" their first E.P recorded at Battletapes by Jeremy Ferguson
You can purchase it here! www.fancytramp.bandcamp.com


" FANCYTRAMP, a tight lil’ trio outta Nashville, Tennessee that roll out the heavy licks and heady grooves with a breezy nonchalance tinged with an unsettling downer dour mood." ::Boston Hassle


"As something you could debatably call "bubble grunge" should, it features raw, riot grrrl-influenced instrumentation under sweet, pop-inflected vocals." :: Nashville Scene

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Olivia Fancytramp, Matt Manning, Betty Banyay
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Rock / Grunge

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Nashville, TN