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Dan Shears has the ability to make audiences swoon while, at the same time, casting forth an air of unease with his intoxicating hybrid of rich romanticism and brutal intensity. Embodying the essences of European folk and bluegrass as well as echoing the guitar-based indie stylings of The Smiths and Radiohead, Shears can gently pluck at your heartstrings while, at the same time, delicately slipping them around your neck.

In 2009 Shears formed a band, which he called 'The Velveteen Orkestra', a fitting name for an orchestra assembled from the street, and they played their first live show in July of that year. In May 2010 Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra completed a six-track debut entitled ‘The Eternal Mystery of the Human Heart’. The EP attracted much industry attention and began being stocked on the shelves of independent record shops all over the UK as the band continued to captivate audiences, playing shows at KOKO and The 100 Club in London as well as UK Festivals The Great Escape and The Big Chill.

Currently Shears is working on new songs for an album entitled, ‘TAKE UP ARMS’, which he has previewed certain tracks from in his live shows and online. He likens the recording process to “Dressing flesh on a hanging skeleton until you’re stood there with a living, breathing person that you’ve created” and describes the new songs as, as the title suggests, “A series of battle cries, dark thoughts, violent ambition and love ballads with sharp objects concealed beneath their coats”

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Current live line up... Dan (voice, acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukelele) & Sarah Boughton (Violin)
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Dan Shears
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Folk / Indie / Gothic

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London, UK
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