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'A stranger to fame as I was to me,
she smiled on the canvas...

At beautiful streams I drank it all in
till clouds found me missing...

No day held fear, I was my master
for my dreams were pure'.

Laurence A Kerr, 2010, ‘Bio of an Artist’

Laurence A Kerr

As a child, I was a prolific fine artist and I was greatly encouraged by my parents and my Art Teacher Albert Fenning, to make something of it in my life. Inspired by works like the Mona Lisa, I especially wanted to capture and radiate on canvas the powerful inner beauty and innocence that I saw in people and of splendour in nature. I knew nothing of egotism or self promotion. It was not in me. I just lived for my art. I lived for what art could achieve, the inspiration and uplifting of others, albeit my selectivity and style also revealed something about me.

I had my white canvas and i was happy to make it smile because others delighted in my work.

One beautiful summer day, with sketch pad and pencils I ventured a few miles from home to the outskirts of my City and I sat down under a forest footbridge. For many hours I sketched the scene of dancing light on living water running out from under the shade of the ageing rustic brick. The insidious movement of dark clouds overhead, the gradual fading light and passing of time were no threat to me and in this my little world, my 'heaven', it mattered not that I might worry my parents if I didn't return home on time. I look back to that special day with warmth of heart as all too quickly dark thunderous clouds covered my 'world' and that of my younger brother and sisters with the tragic early deaths of our loving parents .

In those innocent years I sketched and painted portraits of my family and friends, of people I had not met up close. I remained captured by the ordinary and the incredible, the earthly simplicity and the celestial uniqueness of qualities in people, above nature. I portrayed anything I found inspiring and wonderful in creation and the universe.

That was a long time ago.

And dark clouds prevail; But my image of God, of everyday people of love, faith and hope is hopefully reflected in my canvas of sound.

I compose in the same manner as I did with my fine art.......from the heart, living to merge my natural senses with the unseen Creator to produce music that is uplifting.

I have no formal training so when I started composing in 2006 I would play and record simple but hopefully expressive and meaningful pieces, usually with a theme in mind.

I continue to try and improve my quality of structure, technique and expression and try and explore different styles of playing and atmosphere etc.

Every piece has been triggered and inspired by events in the lives of my family and friends, who faced joy or sorrow, love or rejection, vision or bewilderment.......'soulnarrative'.

I ritually listen to the compositions of great masters for inspiration. There are few better than Rachmaninov and his Piano Concerto No 2 is ultimately one of the most majestic and deeply moving great Composer accomplishments. I can only dream of composing or playing at this level....my work is at a simple level, but I will listen to the Master Composers and Pianists and be lifted again and again by those who can capture and even raise the power of such living art.....

Anna Fedorova is such an Artist:

Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto no.2 op.18 - Anna Fedorova - YouTube


All that is good here is to the glory of God.

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