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David “Rain” Banta is a multi platinum recording/mixing engineer producer/composer/pianist that has been working full time in Hollywood for more than 2 decades.

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David has earned for singles he mixed (certified) 2 triple platinum, 3 double platinum, 2 single platinum and 9 gold records. He also has 2 #1 selling albums in all Europe that were #1 sellers in 8 countries and he had a #1 on radio play in 4 countries that lasted 2 weeks at #1 in England.

His engineering credits include (first engineer) Tupac, Michael Jackson, "Thug Life", "Bone Thugs N Harmony", Sting, Luther Vandross, Tina Turner, "Do or Die" "Crucial Conflict" “The Roots”, Tracie Spencer, “ Take That” (Robbie Williams group) Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg, Eazy E., Ice T., M.C.Ren, "Digital Underground", "The Pharcyde", Rodney O’ and Joe Cooley, and Coolio.
David has mixed and mastered 45 songs at his studio that have been released by "Bone Thugs N Harmony" (counting solo/duo, and full band projects). Many of those he produced and/or recorded.

He is also the Senior Producer and on air talent of a top show on KPFK 90.7FM LA/Hollywood, 93.7FM San Diego, 98.7FM Santa Barbara, 99.5FM Ridgecrest-China Lake. (The most powerful FM station (transmitting signal wattage) west of the Mississippi). (see video here http://www.myspace.com/video/vid/107681609#pm_cmp=vid_OEV_P_P ) Listen live worldwide at www.kpfk.org

As well as being a multi platinum prodiucer, recording and mixing engineer he also taught music production and recording engineering at UCLA in Hollywood for 10 years.
David is also an accomplished Composer/Producer whose credits include composing/producing and recording Fox’s “Nascar Highlights Theme” and he is currently writing and producing for Fox on an ongoing bases. He also produced music for the WB’s “Jack and Jill”, and MTV’s “Undressed”

David has also been an accomplished studio/touring musician/arranger for many years. While earning a B.S. in Music Education he studied music full time in NYC for 10 years with some of the greatest arrangers and performing musicians in the world. Including Dizzy Gillespe, Thad Jones, and arrangers David Berger (who teaches at Julliard and scored Miles Davis) and Vince Corozine composer arranger of the ABC news theme. After studying music in NYC David went on to be a full time studio/touring musician recording and performing with one of the Air Forces premier jazz ensembles and concert bands. After leaving the Air Force David went on to play and tour full time for many years with such greats as “The Wailers", Jimmy Cliff, Steel Pulse, Burning Speer, Sly and Robbie, The Untouchables and many others.

David also recorded, mixed and mastered Flesh N Bone's (of "Bone Thugs N Harmony") first solo album since his release and produced one of the main singles He also recorded and mixed the first single “Game Ain’t Ready” released with all 5 members in 13 years. David is currently working with Flesh and "Bone Thugs N Harmony" on an ongoing basis.

As well as engineering he created and produced a video series entitled “The Basics of Home Recording” which went to several thousand stores and has been a standard in the industry for more than 10 years. Volume 4 “The Complete Guide to Mixing” is used in many recording schools in the U.S. as part of their mixing curriculum. He also taught a course based on the video series at UCLA Extension in Hollywood called “The Complete Guide to Home Recording’” for over 10 consecutive years. David also taught Cubase/Nuendo, Reason, and mixing at "The Musician's Institute" in Hollywood for one year. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education from “The King’s College” New York, NY.

"I've been in the best studios in the world and sat next to the best engineers in the world, including people like Bernie Grundman, and the best stuff I've ever heard is the stuff that's coming out of Dave Banta's right now" -Flesh N Bone- of Bone Thugs n Harmony, 11/13/2010



David mixed the 4 singles on "9ice's" album "Tradition" that sold over 750,000 CDs in the first week alone and has sold over 2 1/2 million CDs so far in 2010. He produced, recorded and mixed the first single released by "Flesh N Bone" of the "Bone Thugs N Harmony" since his release from prison. David also recorded and mixed the first single released with all 5 Bone Thugs on it in 13 years. He also composed and produced the "Nascar Highlights Theme" for Fox Sports and taught recording, mixing, and production at UCLA for 10 years,


Success and the Music Business - Part 1: The Beginning
By Dave “Rainman” Banta - Multi Platinum producer/engineer/pianist
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Edited By: Daniel Wilson (www.danieljwilson.wordpress.com)

“If you want to play the piano, you must first study piano. If you want to succeed, you must first study success.” - Tony Robbins-

Has success in the music business eluded you? Does it seem like no matter what you do or try, you don’t seem to get anywhere? Does attaining your dreams in music seem to escape you?

It eluded me for many years. I had had extensive training in music and electronics, but the business of success in music always seemed to escape me. About 5 years ago I discovered the wealth of information and training out there in the field of personal achievement. I spent years studying the greatest success teachers of all time­­­­­ and learning to apply it to myself and my career in the music business. These teachers include Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Stephen R. Covey, Dale Carnegie and many others.

Needless to say, it changed my life and taught me how to manifest my dreams on a consistent basis.

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