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I was born into a band of gypsies as they travelled through Atlanta. My mother was a healer and my daddy was a truck driver and we travelled all across the south. Grew up in between New Orleans-Louisiana, Destin-Florida and Glasgow-Scotland although my parents did spend some time in Glasgow-Kentucky just before I was born. My mother moved back to Scotland when I was around ten years old with daddy staying on in the states. My mother was out healing the sick so much that I was basically raised by my cousin Micaela and her boyfriend Charlie T. Micaela was an artist and a dancer, she was praised by Picasso once. Charlie T was an entertainer to the core, he sang, he danced, he could juggle and breath fire. He was a multi-instrumentalist and he wrote a book called "How To Catch A Flamingo In The Cold St Petersburg Night" I don't think they publish it anymore.

My father would come and get me now and then when he had a job in Europe and he'd take me with him all the way down to Morocco sometimes, or Slovenia and once we even ended up in Rome. Then he'd take me back to mama or take me for a trip on the long haul back to the gulf coast - Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Mexico, that was my daddy's stomping ground - that's where I learned to play the blues and also where I developed my love of traditional Mexican music.

I learned how to play guitar at first from my cousin's boyfriend, his sister had the most plaintive voice I ever have heard to this day. He'd play and she'd sing and Micaela would dance and join in singing sometimes. Charlie was half Romani, quarter Basque and quarter Scottish, that's what he said anyway. He taught me how to play Eastern European folk songs which always struck me as similar to the Mexican ones I heard overseas. His sister Maria taught me the violin and mandolin and I was pretty good at them when I was a kid. Not so much anymore. The first thing I ever learned to play was the Ocarina, but I never wrote a song on that.

I wrote my first song when I was eight years old and it was about the moon and my mother. I wrote it on a xylophone that was given to me by the daughter of a lion tamer. Since then I must have wrote about a million songs. I've forgotten more songs than I can remember but I can remember more than I learned so it kind of works out. These are some of the ones I remember, rough demos at the moment but some real nice people have encouraged me to put them online anyway. All going well I'll have an album out in the spring of next year and there'll be a whole bunch of old and young people playing on that. If you dig the songs I guess you can share them and if you don't then I guess you won't. Thanks for listening either way.

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