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Born in Brooklyn New York, raised in North Carolina. Two brothers learned to express their lives through the gift of words. Javon and Joseph Kearse, aka G/Cap and Joe Mercy, learned to coordinate rhymes and hip hop from their uncle William Kearse aka the Inforcer, as early as 10 and 11 years old.

From a rough past G/Cap and Joe Mercy conquered many excersising challenges. Although their true love for music didnt come until 1998,when the high school they attended [John A Holmes] put on a talent show. G/Cap and Joe Mercy knew it was time to show others what they had; and talent was it. G.R, formally known as the Grimm Reaperz at the time. Not only took the stage, but also first place prize along with many fans behinde them. From this expirience,they learned the true meaning of perfection were music wasnt just a goal but a dream and desire to become lyrical heavy weights.

As luck would have it in October of 2002 they wre given a chance to perform for Spigg Nice of the[Lost Boyz ] at a local club. Once again the crowed roared G.R.!! word got around about G.R. when a local producer [Edward Hall] aka Pro4c became intrested in collaberating with the two. In 2003 G/Cap and Joe Mercy began featuring on various tracks with local artist, such as Tops, Begetts, P.O.W and a host of many others, In Febuary of 2004 Pro4c helped G,R. produce [The Passion] a album thats still today considerd a classic.

After the passion album a local radio show host the late [Gregg Sampson]was conacted. After several interviews and much positive asvise of a name change Gud Reazon was born. With a new name and swagg at hand, G.R. took their performance to the Big Apple in January of 2006.

Performing for various lables such as. Roc a fella, Def Jam, Electra, Capital, and Universal records. A show case which presented an oppertunity for a recording deal for upcoming artist. Feeling like the underdogs , by way of North Carolina G.R. showed artistry and professionalism once again taking their audience by storm. Earning a response from Roc a fella to peform once again. But because of a rough past G.R. shyed away from the public. Making appearances every now and then.

Until June of 2009 G/Cap again arrived in New York city. Making it his home for the second time. While living in New York G/Cap got reaquanted with a close family member by the name of Shawn Kearse aka [Black] who introduced him to Big Twinn of the infamous [Mobb Deep] from Queens Bridge. After meeting Big Twinn, G/Cap was offered a chance to be featured on the Infamouse QB album. Reigniting the fire of G.R. on a song called Murder. After recording the record because of family issues G/Cap returned back to North Carolina.

After his experience in New York G/Cap knew it was time to reastablish the foundation Gud Reazon once had. But do to technical difficulties with production in 2010 the [Luv for da Music] album never released. Refusing to die out G.R. continued to work along side of [Dj Mike Green] while appearing on curious features and videos. It wasnt until 2011 Mike Green decided to produce a album and mixt tape for Gud Reazon.

which is called STAR STRUCK! that is to be released in 2012. So just prepare to be STAR STRUCK as we take you through this awsome estraveganza..


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G/ Capital and Joe Mercy
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Gud Reazon
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Hip Hop / R&B / hip hop song writers

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Edenton, NC

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