The one who would latter become 2wizedead,was pretty much doomed,from the start.He would,see his parents,at a early,age get into, brutal fights.Even he,was not spared in the abuse.It would lead to the death,and dismemberment of his mother.He was forced by his own,father to partake in the gruesome,task of hiding the body.He was,a young child,about five.His,father from guilt,would shoot,himself why,the young child played.Leaving,the young boy to discover the horrible sight.From,there abusive relatives,and latter foster homes,and reform school.At 14 years,he killed a bully,that got him committed,Because of his psychotic diagnosis.The,story don't end here.It only is the beginning.To,be a true,killer you must truly love that what you do.a lil 2wizedead history:
first rap song,when the school bell rings-about 1986,i was 13.inspired by run-dmc,and beastie boys.
first rap name,mc.chilly d.would go through many different changes.
first rap group:jammin 3 with,my lil bro,and cousin.about 1987.
members:mc.chilly d,king trip,my cousin,and jj.ray,my lil bro,who would act,as a dj.had,a drum machine,one turn tabel,and a mixer,and key board,one mic.early recordings,got lost over the years.songs i remember,were adidas for chill,im bold,microphone killa,bigots start wisen up,im a rapper thats what i am.
others members,would leave.i stayed solo.would shorten the name to,chill.use to have it on,my head in high school,with a high top fade, resemble ling search from the group 3rd base.did,a few shows,style,would get more politicaly hard core.with subject matter,influenced by,government issues,and anti racism.
would get deeper,into street,and gang life through,friends,and this would start to,influence music as well.first gangsta style song,some shit to get into,using the new shoes songi cant wait.was more of a party type song,but ladden with,street references.also,the anti racism,song if i could kill a bigot,and lost in the smoke,about the images,of people on crack.whats up with the hood,husla ,to name a few.around 1994-1995.
then,got back to the wicked shit,use to listen,to esham,boomin words from hell,first taste,then simkin heights,the were also early,influences in,my journey to wicked shit.my lil bro,hiped me to icp.but before that,i learned about,house of krazees.
and many now,influence my style now to.my name went through many changes to.mc.chilly d 86,became just chill,in 92,chillo red dred,when i got my dreds.94,then pale face in 95-98.got,back to my wicked roots,2002,the rest is history.and the saga continues.

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Hip Hop / Horrorcore / ACID RAP

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Detroit, MI

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