Gadden Matthew Gerard / Bio

Current Projects:

Solo: Using MIDI to write/post original music. "Change" is the first as I continue to write.

Ants Trippin: a Dave Matthews Tribute Band Project
Gadden (Acoustic/Electric Guitarist/Vocalist),
Shaun Andree (Bassist/Backing Vocals),
Miller Brown (Percussionist)
Juergen Schleicher (Saxaphone, Harmonica, Flute)

"Certified Mayhem" (disbanned)

My bio:
In and out of rock bands for fun in starting years and played acoustic guitar/sang at parties. Soon after, I started professionally by joining the rock band, "SkidMarx" as guitarist/lead vocalist. Moved on to join another rock band, "Simple Machine" (same role, later became the now defunct, "Certified Mayhem"). Most recent group project is 'Ants Trippin', a Dave Matthew Tribute Band.

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Gadden Matthew Gerard
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Singer Songwriter / Acoustic Rock / Alternative Rock

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Dacula, GA

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