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I love all musics 【roots ←→ modern】in the WORLD and COSMIC SPACE
Chico Science & Nacao Zumbi, MANUEL GOTTCHING, ASHRA TEMPEL, THIS HEAT, POP GROUP, ALVO PELTO, BOB MARLEY, PETER TOSH, LEE PERRY, KEN BOOTH, GREGORY ISSAC, BURNNING SPEAR, SLY and ROBBY, SKATALITES, GREAT MASTERS of REGGAE(cannot count...), JOHNNY CASH, MILES DAVIES, YO-LA TENGO, NOMEANSNO, GRAND MASTA FLASH, FURIOUS five, GROUND COVER, BIGBLACK, BLACK FLAG, RUN DMC, EPMD, B.D.P., PUBLIC ENEMY, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, NINA SIMONE, MUSIC of INDIA, BARI, TURKEY, IRAN, CHINA.etc, N.W.A., ICE CUBE, TRIBE called QUEST, DE LA SOUL, ADRIAN SHERWOOD, Off, DIGITAL UNDERGROUND, RAKIM, GONG, MAGMA, Johann Sebastian Bach, The Beatles, PIXIES, SONIC YOUTH, YMO, PEVO, KRAFTWORK, SLITS, MARVIN GAYE, STEVIE WONDER, PAVEMENT, BABE the BLUE OX, L.S.A., DEAD KENNEDYS, RAPEMAN, RED ZEP, ZZ TOP, KING TUBBY, MUSIC of Aborigine, Matala, Flinched, Wu-Tang, HASKER DU, The Beatles, PIGBAG, Artificial lover, MUDHONEY, KRAMMER(Shimmy Disc), C.C.C.C., SID VICIOUS, BAD HOLE Surfers, Optrum, Cypress Hill, Ela FITZjerald, damo suzuki, tortoise, gaster del sol, Sun Ra, Steel pole Buth Tub, soft machine, Funkadhelic, Parliament, James Brown, DEEP PURPLE, KING CLIMSON, Slayer, YOUSSOU N'DOUR, Fela Kuti, Queen, Talking Heads, Little Tempo, savarah, kukuri, 13th Floors Elevator, velvet underground, Rou REED, GaaRa(G)-BreakBeats/HIP-HOP(samurai), Yamamoto Seiichi, Hosono Haruomi, Boredoms, EURYTHMIX, Siro, guringo, Korean buddhist GOD, P.I.L., Takemitsu Toru, Fugazi, Cream, John Cage, gunjo ga kureyon, Gaji, WAVES, Motor Head, ENNIO MORRICONE, brabrabra....
but, NOW, MUSIC will be started to step on next Level to future. Who breaks out this all in a fog!!! turn-of-the-century, old and now, MUSIC scene will be happen to EXPLOSION by inovator'z appearance. U and U, no , I and I!!!!

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NCR: all experimental electronic stuffs
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Electronica / Rude-mix/Alternative / Rude-experimental

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Tokyo, JP