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Jue Musick / Bio

Bio of Jue Musick

Who is Jue? Jue is an black African American song writer an singer who plays the piano an drums, Jue loves music, God gave Jue the ability to sing, write, an perform with the help of his parents (Sharon an Benjamin Bracy)…
Where did the name JUE comes from? Well America the name JUE came from my real name Jerrick, an I just put U.E on it to make JUE, which in my eyes mean J: Jerrick, U: understands E: everything in life that goes on in young people life an in a everyday life of struggle an hardship. I love my new artist name because it defines me, JUE.
Where was JUE born an raised? Well America JUE was born in raised in Mobile Alabama at the USA hospital on April the 26th 1990, to Sharon an Benjamin Bracy.
When did JUE realize Music was in him? Ok, I was about 10 yrs old an my mother bought me an little play type keyboard, they use to have bible study for the neighborhood in our living room an we use to sing songs an I couldn’t play, are sing, are write anything at the time so I caught onto an lil church tune an every time they sing I would tap that lil tune an people that came over use to make faces an differ moans at me because I was throwing off the service with that old tune, so I told God an myself that I wanna learn how to teach myself by listening to other piano players an practicing daily. From that day forward I practice an played almost everyday from sun up to sun down. People don’t understand that living in an Christian parent house such as mines we wasn’t hardly allowed to do anything but go to school, church, work, O yeah! an more church lol, but we wasn’t allowed to go a lot of places, couldn’t talk on the phone to women, no spending the night an people house, no going out to parties, no drinking, no smoking, just Jesus was all I know, I needed somebody or something to keep me comfort while I cried everytime i got an whipping, so the piano was the thing that kept me quiet an focus on life an in what I wanted to do in life as my permanent career. I would take my anger out on the piano an write songs an sing to myself to keep from snapping because it was hard living in saved parents house, but threw it all it taught me an my brother an sisters great deeds in life to teach our kids how to respect people an become the best things in life. So, over the years with the help of God I perfect my gift an build it up an later round age 14 I learn how to play the drums, so God blessed with two gifts, there’s no way I coulder did it by myself because I never had any musical class. As we had more bible studies I learned by ear more songs an melodies to play, so my dad an Pastor prophesied on me saying God was gone blessed my music an anointed my hands to play music, right then I knew it was an conformation that this is what I was Destined to do in life.
When was the First time JUE performed? So as the years went on I perfect my song writing an voice an skills on the piano an begin to write more songs on receipt paper, tablets, whatever was there in front of me to write on when God gave me an idea of an song to write, so at the age 18 me an my sister Jasmine Bracy also an singer an song writer sung with me at an church we was invited to, to represent our church choir that was my first performist, so JUE later on start to perform an lot on differ stages an differ churches, in 2011 JUE enter an BayFest competition at “Crunchtime” an it change my way of performing an Music life forever. It was in September of 2011 I was at home when two of my fellow classmates also buddies “The YoungStars” came to my house to do an interview with me to upload to fb an youtube an my music, so later we got to talking about the big competition around Mobile about who gone win the place to open up for Jill Scott an the BayFest, so I was practicing as I do everyday an they heard that song “trying to do right” an was like “man Jue I think you should go do that song tonight at the competition, so at first I was like nawl bc I haven’t perform in an while an didn’t wanna do it, but end thee end they convince me to do it, so we all went that night to” Crunch time” for the competition an they perform then it was my turn next, so as they call me up everybody was just looking, I came up there with my keyboard in my hands an they thought I was gone be boring or couldn’t play for real, so I started to address the crowd an begin to sing my song “Trying to do Right”, an WOW, at the end of the song I grab the microphone an went to the end of the stage an told the people to sing along with me an the whole club was singing “trying to do Right”, it was amazing bc I didn’t come to win I just came to really get back in the mode of performing an to let me hear my talent, so I was chosen to be in the finals at “Shaky Jakes” for the big showdown, so that day came an it was show time, an again I didn’t expect to win I just show my talent an God bless where I won the whole competition an beat over 30 musical acts that night with my one song. JUE open up for Jill Scott at the BayFest, God bless me where I was able to meet Jill Scott an Anthony Hamilton an that change my life forever.
Last but not least, Who inspired JUE musically?? My role model are Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, Al Green, Marvin Gay, Zapp an Roger, Whitney Houston, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Akon, M &M, Marvin Sapp, Ne-yo, Anthony Hamilton etc, they all had an musical effect on my life but who most of all was Michael Jackson. To me he was one of the world best performers. Threw all his childhood an man hood obstacles, he still made hit songs, he knew all the notes, chords, rhythms, beats, lyrics to his music, he was an still is an Musical genius, I love how he rock the shows from all different races an was an positive role model to me growing up saying to myself that oneday I wanna be not like Michael Jackson but Greater than him in the field of music. That’s why I'm striving to become one of the BEST artist the World has ever heard of or known!!!

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