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Rissa Riss was born in the late 70’s in Portland, OR. She is the youngest girl of three, allegedly fortunate enough to be raised in a two-parent home; ironically not all that it’s cracked-up to be. Rissa Riss’ calling to be a comedian or “comedist” as her drunken uncle says was recognized by him early on; when at the age of 4 she asked “Uncle L.B did you pee on yourself?” His pants were wet, what else could she expect from a drunk? From there on Rissa Riss has been bring “the funniest sh*t” you have ever heard.Rissa Riss learned early on that "Anything is Risible" her quick wit and ability to make her parents laugh kept her out of due trouble. The sisters however could never get used to Riss always being able to act her way out of nearly everything. As quoted by Bob Sumner, Vice President of Def Jam Comedy: “With some dressing up she could be the next Monique”. But don’t get it wrong; even though we love what Monique has done for the BBW, there’s no imitating because Rissa Riss definitely has her own comedy style of story telling that makes her punch lines “Real Life” jokes. Rissa Riss has been known to please any crowd due to her “Real Life” jokes that everyone, young and old, rich or poor, Republican or Democrat can relate to and enjoy.

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