On a frigid eve, not long ago, the Canadian landscape lay beneath the unforgiving shroud of winter. The sky was moonless, as was it starless, from the ominous clouds brooding in the guise of night. So vast and black that it seemed to swallow up any luminescence that dared to shine. The snow itself had begun to resemble a grim toxic waste, spread as far as one’s sight would permit. There was wind about, in gentle gusts, but carrying with it a gravely bite as it whispered through the barren maple trees. One would think all life had ceased to exist, our planet but a frozen orb. The silence of life was abundant, for certain, but somewhere in eastern Ontario, not far from the nation’s capital, there was a stirring. A stirring of consciousness, of loathing, disgusted, seasoned with a dash of contempt with a hint of disgrace, but also that of inspiration and creativity, sparked into existence. And thus ANTIPATHIEA was born, two thousand and eleven years A.D.

ANTIPATHIEA is a musical journey, albeit a solo one, burning the creative flame to share forth with those that be. To conjure questions, to relate and inspire, and ultimately to cause some serious whiplash! All original works are written, performed and produced by yours truly, Matt Close. It is with great pleasure that I present my gifts by way of sound to you, the listener, whom has taken a precious moment to ravage their ears with some home-grown Canadian Metal!



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Embrun, ON, CA
Matt Close