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The band was created in June 2009 in Saint Etienne by Oliver and Kim. Their only ambition was to have fun and make music as much as they could ! After some meticulous search, they finally found Laidz, who would become the very bass player of the band. However, it really was a tough one for them to find a good, stable drummer who would put a lot of effort into the band ! During the 2009/2010 new year's celebration, they met Maxx. That night, this crazy guy didn't know that he would be Swine Diamond's drummer; the guys became friends very quickly and the brass tacks began.
A few months later, they became aware that they absolutely needed a second guitarist in their band in order to give more punch and more energy to their tracks. They first found Jo', who stayed in the band during one year and who brought precious advice to the composition process. Unfortunately, he had to leave the band for professional reasons, but some time later, Kim met Jessy Dante in a famous Saint Etienne's bar - over some beers, they started chatting, and it turns out, they noticed that they were on the same musical wavelength. Thus, Jessy became Swine's new guitar player !
The band recorded their first five-songs EP entitled "Swine this Year", released in 2011. They had the good luck to share the stage with bands like Tracy Gang Pussy, Jetboy, or Tuff, but new worries were to come : Maxx also had to leave the band for professional reasons. He was replaced by Roxx-Anna, a great drummer they had met during their 2012 summer tour. The band performed some great gigs with her from the end of the year 2012 to April 2013. After that, she decided to leave the band and once more, Swine Diamond would have to seek for a new drummer...
Hopelessly, the boys started this quest. They thought it would take so long to find another good drummer... But sometimes, miracles happen (you should believe us!) and only one month after Roxx-Anna's departure, they found Robin Sane ; Rob is as ambitious as Swine members and he is also ready to kick ass with his drumsticks!! He is officially part of Swine Diamond since August 2013.
With their new line up, the guys are therefore more motivated than ever. The only thing they want to do now is travel across France and many other foreign countries to let people discover their rocking sound!

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Swine Diamond
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