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In 2008 the band Beleaguered formed. It started as a death metal band and eventually turned into a black metal band, with some songs containing both death and black metal elements. Sean McDonough had written about half of the songs for beleaguered. At the end of 2008 Beleaguered broke up. Sean McDonough had been playing guitar and doing vocals for Beleaguered. Shortly after he got tendonitis and was unsure if he would be able to play guitar again. After months of recovery he was able to play again and decided to record the songs that he had written, and decided to write more songs as well. The idea behind these songs was to mix death and black metal in a way that had not been done before. Influences included American Death Metal, Swedish Death Metal, Swedish Black Metal, and a tiny bit of thrash influence as well.

On these recordings, done in 2009, Sean did the vocals, guitar and bass, and hired Anthony Lusk-Simone to do session drumming and record the material in his studio called “The Meth Lab”. Sean had met Anthony through Adam Boudreau when they were recording material for the black metal project “Adversarian”. At this point “Soul Annihilation” was going under the pending name of “Clisthert” which was the title of the album. Clisthert is the name of a demon from the grimorium verum capable of bringing both light and darkness.

In 2010 Sean began jamming again with a former member of beleaguered and they started looking for a drummer. The band name was changed to Soul Annihilation and eventually they found Mike in early 2011. Shortly after this the former Beleaguered member left the band and it was just Sean and Mike. They began playing shows around Boston as a duo.

Kunjan Joshi heard about Soul Annihilation through a fan, Sanket Lama. After jamming he joined as a very skilled bassist adding a whole different element to the music. Soul Annihilation played many shows throughout Massachusetts with this line up until the beginning of 2012 when unfortunately their drummer Mike and them went separate ways.

In the Fall of 2012 Soul Annihilation completed their Societal Deconstruction tour in Nepal. Nepali drummer Surya Pun drummed for them during this time. They played the fourth NepFest festival which was headlined by Decapitated, they headlined Death Feast and Departure from the Path of Illusions. They also played Sacrificial Sunday. During their stay in Nepal they also recorded a music video for Societal Deconstruction which was published on January 23, 2013.

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Sean, Kunjan, Anthony
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Soul Annihilation
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Metal / Death Metal / Black Metal

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Boston, MA