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In a time of death, war, famine, and pestilence, our world is shattering before our very eyes. Evil and insanity rule the streets, money and power control everything. Humanity chooses to ignore all the signs, but we are here to open your eyes. Look around you and see the corruption, see that this is not what we should call home. We cannot remain silent for any longer, we will reveal the fallacies of this dying world. One thing is certain, it is not too late. Now is the time to embrace change, join us on our mission to spread this vision far and wide. Find your inner hatred, unleash it upon those who ruin everything for you. Stand up for yourself, your brothers, and for mankind. This is our world, and we're taking it back. We are The Akashic Record.

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Band Members
Cody Warden - Vocals, Bryan Galvan - Guitar, Daniel Longoria- Guitar, Alexander Phillips - Drums, Brent Carney - Bass
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The Akashic Record
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Metal / Deathcore / Groove

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Grand Prairie, TX