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Kill The Bullfighter is a combination of distinct individuals that are as diverse as their life interests. We harness this diversity in order to create a distinctive sound and truthful lyrical content. The name implies "kill the oppressor", "kill that which is killing the earth, and kill the "meztizaje" - spaniard Indigenous mixed race myth.

Our message comes from the Aliso Village Housing Projects in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA. where we, Salva (Formerly of Boyle Heights Own "Tezacrifico" and Straight Edge Band "Interlocked" and Stanko, were raised. Twenty-Four years of struggle, guided by a well-respected, community activist, mother. Her leadership set the stage for our outpouring of disdain, disappointment and, heartache.

We consider ourselves a band with a heavy edge sound. A sound that is a mix of influences, from old-school, local, backyard punk-rock, and straightedge hardcore bands that we have played with - to bands that we admired and followed while growing up like; "INFEST", Seattle’s “Brotherhood” and DC’s "Fugazi", to Cleveland’s heavy “Integrity” to East Coast Hardcore icons like "Sick of It All", "Judge", "Killing Time" and "Youth Of Today", to new metal sounds of bands like "Deftones", "Helmet", and "Korn".

We try to create a sound without falling into genre clichés or worrying if one song sounds "too raw" or if the structure is not "complex" enough. We experiment, explore, and recombine "old" styles into something new. Our aim is to make the band's sound the most representative force.

The band strives to retain the core values learned in the Boyle Heights Hardcore back yard scene; Pumping heavy sounds while channeling complete heartfelt emotion wherever we play. The band prides itself on being difficult to classify in regards to sound, and believes in continuity between songs, rarely pausing when we play.

Our message is taken from the day to day experience of growing up in one of the most violent housing projects in the United States. We know that our stories are not unique to us but unique to life in Housing Projects. The overall aim of this band is to let those that continue to struggle know that they are not alone and that there is hope. Hope that starts from within and without handouts.... The Band also understands the need to promote cultural awareness in a time where scapegoating Indigenous undocumented workers has proven successful when inefficient politicians need a target for hate. Issues like land theft, colonization and its long lasting negative effects, and native identity are also discussed during sets. The band never asks for payment and we encourage bootlegging/downloading of our music and lyrics. The message is important.. not the messenger.


Salvatierra's (Throttle) music interests are rooted in the backyard Straight Edge Hardcore & Punk Rock scene of Boyle Heights. He also has interest in electronic music: Drum 'n Bass and Trance as a result of multiple sessions at Boyle Heights own The Shelter Digital Recording Studios. His father exposed him to classic rock and classic folk music from Mexico, specifically music from Veracruz. The Hardcore/Punk Scene exposed Salva to leftist views throughout his High School years and early college life where he ultimately got involved in native activism through the American Indian Movement.

Stanko(Strings) takes after his father's music interest. Both guitarists and both exposed to a variety of music early in life. He would often be seen at backyards at the age of 12 as he would accompany Salva's previous endeavors to any gig they played in. Quickly picking up tunes and riffs Stanko was well on his way to playing heavy music. Stanko's interest vary from classical music to Metallica.

Raul (Spine) was raised in the city of Norwalk. He, too, followed Salva and Stanko, at a young age (12) to backyard gigs in Boyle Heights. Raul, a former high school drum major, learned to play heavy music in jam sessions with Stanko, and was guided by Salva's former band mates who mentored Raul's talent. Raul's influences center around Fear Factory, Slayer, Gwar and a recent interest in Rave music.

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Salvatierra (throttle), Raul (spine), Wally (rhythm)
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Kill The Bullfighter
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