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Born in Coffeyville Kansas 9/23/91 James Franklin began his journey as a performer; At the age of 13 Lil One began writing poetry. Shortly afterwards he recorded his first song title Midwest Soldiers under the name of Lil One an alias given to him by his mother for being the youngest child of 3. After years of writing ONE released his first mixtape in 2005 titled New Beginning. In 2006 Lil One released another mixtape entitled “Inside My Mind”. This mixtape would be the first to include a feature. One worked with a close friend singer and performer going by the name of Lil Miss T. In 2007 One reached High-School. Becoming more involved with sports (football) One’s recording was cut short. but he could not stay away from it for long. in 2007 he dropped his next mixtape, a double release entitled The Good Life & The Struggle. After the release of the mixtapes people began to take notice. People would ask One to do parties and perform for them. Lil One continued to write and record songs but did not release anything until the age of 18 he released his next mixtape entitled Recycled. This mixtape also featured ONE’s first song made into a video “How Can I ft. Kyle Rumback”. Making changes and improvements Lil One felt that he needed to recycle a few things. This mixtape included such artists as C-Ez, Swift, Stiletto, Leroy Munson, Gee Watts, General, Clever, & more. Lil One then went to college attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha on a football scholarship. This would not stop him from his dreams of making it as an artist. As a freshman in college ONE released his latest mixtape entitled Revoked License. Shooting his second music video for the single My Partna Dem a tribute to the friends he had made in Omaha. This mixtape sparked more interest than ever in Lil One’s career reaching 1,000 fans on Facebook, 1,400+ on reverb nation, 2,032 plays on soundcloud (from 1 mixtapes only) and hundreds of youtube views. Shortly after his freshman year of college Nebraska-at Omaha (UNO) released their football program forcing One to transfer to Northwest Missouri State University home of the Bearcats (where he would continue his football career). Lil One released next mixtape Cast Away on June 11th (While attending UNO) . One decided the titled of this mixtape due to an incident that happened at the University he was attending. While currently attending NWMSU One released his "Take 'Em To School Mixtape" sparking over 20,000+ Downloads. One is currently working on his next mixtape title not released as of now. Lil' One has been approached by a couple of industry hooks ups including a representative from America's Got Talent, but nothing has been set in stone.

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Lil One, Dyce, Hank, Sarah Zajic, Tooley
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One Nation Music Movement
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Hip Hop / R&B

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Kansas City, MO

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