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Gringo Soul is a "one man show with a full band sound" fronted by Brandon Giannasi of Dallas TX. He was born in '84 and some of his first inspirations were Salt n Pepa, Ace of Base, Warren G, and Billy Joel. As an adolescent he listened to rock & grunge. During his early twenties he explored hip hop, oldies, & classic rock.

Growing up, his father was often in "constant song" singing or humming an unfamiliar tune during their interaction. These songs became more familiar and attractive throughout the years. Early on, his mother partnered with a live music venue owner in West Chicago IL, where national acts played regularly. Leon Russell, Waylon Jennings, Cheap Trick, John Entwistle, and Lonnie Brooks were just a handful of the performers Giannasi was exposed to. A few months of guitar lessons has led to a lifelong pursuit of mastering the 6 stringed instrument. As a young musician attending a small traditional Lutheran church, Giannasi would often skip out a little early to a back room which boasted a vintage organ with a built in drum machine.

Around the age of 21, Giannasi became passionate about writing songs. Starting with what sounded best to himself, he began to play it live for other people. Seven years and four albums later, he continues to earn the ear of those who are listening. These days you might hear Gringo Soul playing in the corner of a neighborhood tavern. Combining guitar, bass, rhythm, keys, and the occasional tin whistle to wave out his music that is said to be "uniquely creative."

Art Official, 2009, 13 songs including "Nomad, The City, and Coming Up"
Scrappin, 2011, 7 songs including "City of the Heartless, Fall in Chicago, and Drinkin With Dean"
The World We Live In, 2012, 5 songs including "Bottomfeeder and Deep Within the Woods."
Ghost Party, 2013, 10 songs including "Ghost Party, Music From the Heart, & Held Me Dear."

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Music/Lyrics/Performer:Brandon Giannasi, Producer: Adam Murray and Sam Allison
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Gringo Soul
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Alternative / Acoustic Rock / electro

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Dallas, TX