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Hi! I'm glad you took the time out of your busy schedule to like our band page! Social At A Distance is made up of Zach Doyle, Dan Masse,Trevor Nantel, and last but not least John (the drummer) Gillis.

The whole thing started when Zach and I (Dan Masse) were in Mr. Brown's 8th grade math class. We would sit, bored to death by math, and talk about music. At the time I played violin and Zach wanted to start a "punk" band. I said "Oh, can I play violin?" Zach looked at me with that "Are you crazy?" kind of face and said "Violins can't be in Punk! You can either play guitar, bass, sing, or play drums." Thus the beginning of my bass playing.

The said band was all talk, no play, until freshman year when Zach, who was on guitar, me on bass and our good friend, Scott Hunkler, on rhythm guitar. We covered the song Glycerine by Bush. It was a complete and utter failure. Now let's fast forward to the summer of 2010. One day on facebook a kid by the name of Trevor Nantel said "Hey! Do you need a singer for your band?" At the time our band was Zach and I. We only had guitar and bass and nothing was really happening, but, I said "Sure, come hangout with Zach and I tomorrow." He never even auditioned! He just came over to hang out.

We then recruited another good friend of ours, Nate McAlpine, to play guitar and Zach moved to drums. Our first show was Mascenic Mic Night under the name "Suburban Punks". We did all Green Day covers and people liked us. We play quite a few unsuccessful. Except for the Peterborough Teen Center. Then one of the worst days of band history came... Trevor was sent to Illinois for 6 months and Nate quit. We had another guitarist, Jimmy, who quit. Then, it was just Zach and I... again. I moved to lead vocals/bass and Zach moved back to guitar. We soon got sick of not getting anything done so we got Third Factor's bassist, Luke Schoff, to play drums for us. Man did he do a hell of a job! We played a few shows with him under the name "The Associates." He was in two different bands and he was under a lot of stress, so he quit (I don't blame him). Now we needed a new drummer. We had a friend, John, who played drums. We never thought to ask him because, well, he liked strange music and I didn't want him bringing strange music into our band. We were extremely desperate and we needed a drummer. I am so incredibly glad that we made the decision to as him to join the band. John is an incredible drummer who is always goofy. He always improves songs so they don't sound generic. In a way, he's like our heart. The band was on a hiatus for a while when we were writing songs.We had 3 originals and Trevor was on his way back from Illinois. Things where looking up for us!

A friend of ours, Dan Morneau, surprised us by asking if he could join. He played rhythm guitar for a while and when he joined, we decided to change our name to Social at a Distance. We played at a few shows, most notably opening for Set it Off and Patent Pending at The Yellow Team's 5th anniversary show, and had a jolly good time! Then, Dan quit. We remain in contact with him and if you have the time, check out his band: "Third Factor" they are great!

We just recorded an EP (short album) in a real recording studio (shocker, right?) called Endless Recording Studios. Check it out its a great place. Our EP is called "Endless Sessions" and we are currently working on some new songs, so hit us up if you have any questions we would love to hear from you!

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Braden McKallagat, Dan Masse, Zach Doyle, John Gillis
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Social at a Distance
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Alternative / Punk Rock / ska

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New Ipswich, NH