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Pleasures of the T.H.R.A.S.H....
......is what you get when you start diggin' into
the sound of the Christ.
Providing that you like fast ’n furious thrash deeply influenced by those great 80's Bay Area bands like E…… A…… T…… and on and on…Mixed up with a serious shot of the hardcore music and politics of the same time joined together in an unstoppable force of pure thrash simply called SEPTIC CHRIST.
Hardly all band members have been musically socialized in the 80's Thrash Metal movement and also made their first musicial steps during that time by starting bands and making music and quit making music and start again … The band had a long road to travel to get the final lineup together but read on …
SEPTIC CHRIST from south Germany was first founded as “Nothing to Nothing” by JxNothing, former guitarist of the split up German 80's Hardcore Band “THE LAST CAUSE“, and Chris Septic, former guitar- and bass player for some well known local thrash and progressive bands, in October 2005. After a year Nothing To Nothing seperated to pursue other Musical interests so Chris and J decided to start something completely new where they don’t have to accept any compromises and started to search for the most dedicated and best musicians they were able to find.
With the entrance of Joey Collapse - a young and goddamn talented drummer from Zurich - the musical lineup was completed in December 2007 and Septic Christ was born. In April our three-piece finally could complete the line up with a f***in’ dedicated and honest guy called Bobby “Gimme some Beer!” Shortleg.
In May 08 Septic Christ released their first 3 Track Demo called “PLEASURES OF THE T.H.R.A.S.H.” on CD and Cassette which was sold out in less than 6 Month and gave our four piece a very good response from the German underground scene. The Band also played numerous live shows throughout Germany and Switzerland which proved their call as an energetic, furious live band with an infecting passion to play and havin'.some fun on the stage.
December '08 the band decided to gain the next level and started to work on their first record “INFECTED EXISTENCE”. During 5 days in February 09 they teamed up with Mastermind C. Brandes from Iguana Audioproduction to record 8 Songs for the Album which were released in May 2009.
After playin' several Gigs during summer 09, SEPTIC CHRIST hit the road in October/November 09 to Tour over Europe with their UK based friends "Terrathorn".
After 2010 passing by with playing energtic live shows all over Europe and working on new material to record their follow up to “INFECTED EXISTENCE”. The Band teamed up with Nathan McLeod & MALEVOLENCE RECORDS of San Bruno, California and entered the Iguana Studios again to record their next record called “GUILTY AS WE WERE BORN” in Spring 2011.
During the 3 weeks recording session SEPTIC CHRIST recorded 12 hard hitting tracks which prove that our four piece has reached the next level in setting their own style between aggression, musical sense, speed and tradition. “GUILTY AS WE WERE BORN” was finally released in March 2012 as a full length CD and as a full length LP in Winter 2012.
At the moment the band prepares to hit the road again in Summer 2012 to join their mates from KAOS (US), T.C.F. (NL) and AbsentiA (ESP) on the MALEVOLENT FORCES OVER EUROPE TOUR in Summer 2012.

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Band Members
Bobby Shortleg - Vocals, JxNothing - Guitars, Chris Septic - Bass, T.T. - Drums
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Septic Christ
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Metal / Thrash Metal / Hardcore

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Waldshut-Tiengen, BW, DE

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