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The band "Red Lex & The Edgewater Dogs" is R. J. Nickel's project that has been years in the making.
Earning his chops as a bass player, Nickel has now gone on to develop his own material with great results.
He has apprenticed into producing himself, and the results speak for themselves.
Some material has been mixed by 'Ben Grosse' (Filter/ Breaking Benjamin/ Cake) and he now works with 'Brad Herle' at "Mid-Side Studio's" at Brad's Eastern Fraser Valley Studios in British Columbia, Canada
R.J Nickel is a songwriter-guitarist-producer who began his career in his late teen's and early twenties in Classic and Alternative rock bands playing bass.
He needed live experience and bands always seem to be a solid bass player away from getting things happening, so, he went on the road in the Pacific Northwest with a band (Jett Black) signed to S.L Feldman's agency.
Jett Black played a lot of Thin Lizzy and Classic Rock.
Nickel was interested in playing guitar instead of bass, and also doing his own songs.
He had, since an early age, pounded out tunes on less than expensive acoustic guitars handed down from older family members, but live experience on the road playing 6 nights a week was invaluable.
A few years later in his twenties, he played Bass again in a Alt/rock band (Digg) with Tom Thacker, the current guitarist for Sum 41.
In reality, Nickel also needed a number of years to work on his sound, his songs, his artistic vision, and his chops.
And also develop his vocals.
Along the way he read a book by 'Malcolm Gladwell' called "Outliers" where Malcolm theorizes that it takes around 10,000 hrs for someone to really master something.
This was the template that Nickel was aiming for though, with or without the book.
It was a good validation for him along the way, regardless.
So, here we are today, his music has been developed and has a refined focus that you can only get by spending years on it will do.
The material also translates well live and this is where it really hit its stride, not to overshadow the studio material, because it too has its own type of refinement.
Recently in an industry meeting, he was told that the live product is now where the focus really is in the industry.
The years on the road have now really come in handy, and he feels lucky to have all the experience.

In the big picture of things, He feels the process of learning to produce himself, and then record his own music and making sure everything 'fits right' is the best fit for him right now, until Mutt Lange become available for s one sessions anyway.
So, the marketing portion of the project is commencing, and will ramp up to the debut Cd release in 2014.
Some new material has been test marketed on sound-cloud on (Brad Herle's mid-side studios site) through Brads Facebook (mid- side studios /Facebook) and the response so far has been extremely positive for the latest bunch of songs.
Thanks for listening,
More music and live dates upcoming.

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R.J. Nickel - Electric Guitar
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Red Lex & The Edgewater Dogs
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Rock / Acoustic Rock / americanna

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Abbotsford, BC, CA

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