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Artist Bio 'From There to Here and Lots of Some-Wheres in-between'

Thank you for being here...
*[The world isn't always a pretty place, people aren't always who you think they are and life is unpredictable...'Thank God' for family, friends, love, life and the gift of music! 'Thank God!'] ~TR~

Early 'pre'teen, teen highlights, The Beatles on Ed Sullivan (1964),
Sonny & Cher concert(1965), Bakersfield, Ca.

I was born on July 4th, 1952 in Quanah, Tx, (the youngest and only girl of three). 
In 1954 our parents moved us lock, stock and barrel to Bakersfield, Calif. At age 13 we moved to Santa Barbara, Ca. where I graduated in 1970 from Dos Pueblos High.
Life is made up of many miles and moons which lead us where we're meant to be if we follow the signs along the way....
I grew up surrounded by music and art. Just about every one young to old on my fathers side including my father and brothers were Artists, Musicians, and/or Writers.

My chosen genre(s) include a bit of just about everything.

From Country, Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz, Rap/Hip-Hop, to Pop, Rock, Spiritual, Fun songs, etc…(I do love a good challenge.)

Band History:

The Leroy B. Band (four piece, Bluegrass/Country) Prescott, AZ. 
We played at the Bird Cage Saloon on Whiskey Row in the mid 70's.
*(Have also been a member of several 'living room' bands which never went anywhere), but it was fun!

'Flashback', Dallas, Tx.(1985-89) 
We were a six (7) piece Variety band which showcased an excellent sixteen year old Elvis Impersonator, Gary Ladell. 
*[Gary literally ate, slept and breathed Elvis every day]. He has since changed his name to Johnnie Lovett, Gotta Love-it! 
Trivia>*(My stage name was 'Sparkles'.)

Also: Performed at the Wiley, Mesquite 
and Garland Oprys and entered many singing contests around town (still have 3 trophies which mean a lot to me). It was so much fun!

In 1989, moved to Amarillo, auditioned and was hired as Lead/Backup vocalist for the KrackerJack band.
(Boy, I could tell you a couple stories about that, ha!)

(2008) My song "Half a Woman" © 2005 placed in the top five Country category at www.SongOftheYear.com

Early Influences: 
Janis Ian *(At Seventeen) was one of my fav albums. Olivia Newton-John, The Monkeys, Beatles, Sonny and Cher, Mamas & Papas, Joni Mitchell, Emmy Lou, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Fleetwood Mac, Stones, Eagles, Hendrix, Fire Fall, Joplin, Grace Slick, Heart, Buck Owens, Willie, Aretha, BB King and SO many others.

Former member of the FWSA and Weatherford, Tx 'Writers Guild'.

Current BMI affiliate.

Trivia Tidbits:
Though I've always loved music, it wasn't until my teen years that
singing/songwriting began turning into a full-blown passion!

I'm one-eighth Black Dutch Cherokee, with a bit of Comanche, Irish,
Dutch, Scottish, Italian and French thrown in for good measure ...what a combo, lol!

At sixteen:
* Taught myself to harmonize by laying on the living room floor, head stuck between stereo speakers, record player spinning the sweet voice of Olivia Newton-John. My dream at that time was to one day sing backup with her.
* Had a Major school girl crush on Davy Jones! Even tried to figure out how to ship myself to the Monkeys in a box with holes in it for air and some snacks and drinks for the trip!
*Cruised town Friday nights, high as a kite, Rockin' to The Stones with friends. 
Was too young to go to Woodstock but was an avid hippie!

A lot has changed since then but I still wear bell-bottoms & music remains my constant haven in this ever changing world!

***I aspire to stay young at heart as long as I live just like my daddy did!

***I've never cared much for borders or boundaries. Tell me not to cross that line and look out! 
Am often a rebel when it comes to conformity but will always stay true to myself, those I love and what/who I believe in.

We are all special and unique in our own way. 
Though we hail from different places/backgrounds/upbringing, music and love are the 'constant common glues' that bond us together as one!

Cheers to music, cheers to you!
Olivia Francis, AKA Turquoise Rose

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Myself & many very talented Musicians from several collaboration sites.
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Turquoise Rose
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Amarillo, TX

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