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Amanda Hardy is a singer/songwriter from Seattle, WA. She became interested in playing music when she was a little girl. “I was always singing along to songs in the car and trying to imitate people’s voices”

When she was thirteen, Amanda and a friend put a video on Youtube covering the Alice in Chains song ‘Brother.’ That video led to her playing the 2010 Layne Staley Tribute at the Showbox Market. After realizing that being on stage was her passion, she never looked back. Since then she’s been writing and performing shows all over the Seattle area including opening for national acts Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Lacuna Coil, Sick Puppies, Anna Nalick, Styx and Queensryche.

“I needed an outlet to release my emotions, and music provides a perfect way for me to get any feelings, good or bad, out of my system. As an individual, I am terrible at expressing myself through speaking. When I write and play however, I can express anything that I want with ease.”

Over the years she has been influenced by many artists. Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin is someone who she gathers inspiration from not just only his amazing vocal ability, but how he chooses to use it. The Beatles are another influence of hers, as they are of many, simply because they speak to everyone. However her main influences and inspirations are from the bands Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. “Layne Staley of AIC strikes emotional chords in me when he sings about his loss and sadness. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden inspires me to be a better singer, and to use my voice to its full capacity just as he does to this day. It is because of these local bands that became icons that I grew the desire to pursue music and carry on the legacy of Seattle music.”

Amanda recently had the honor of being photographed by Robert M Knight for Yamaha Artist Relations who are supporting her music endeavors. “The Brotherhood of the Guitar and meeting Robert has opened so many doors for my career, I am so grateful” says Hardy. At the age of 19 she has made a name for herself in Seattle and continues to grow as an artist. Hardy is currently recording a new album in LA with Grammy nominated producer Warren Huart.

Amanda's new EP is available at www.amandahardymusic.com

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Amanda Hardy - Lead Vocals - Rhythm Guitar. Jerad Lewis - Drums - BVG, Austin Cass - Lead Guitar - BVG, Dylan Trujillo - Bass - BGV
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Amanda Hardy
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