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There's really no way to describe BrILLYant, maybe because his clever & witty lyrics leave you perplexed as to how he could possibly produce a sound like this. Make no mistake, what you're probably hearing is his undeniable authenticity.

It's not often you come across a young aspiring Hip-Hop artist who changes his style and flow up so easily in one song. We introduce to you the new Hip-Hop phenomenon originally from the heart of Africa, rapper, singer, song writer and producer - Birth name, Billy but you can call him BrILLYant!

Raised across borders and brought up on various musical artists ranging from Kanye West to Oliver Mutukudzi, Michael Jackson to Drake, 2Pac to Femi Kuti, its no wonder why this young man's rap style is so unique. Billy's love for music started when he was just a 4 year old boy living Beijing, China. We quote "Music is my life, i don't know what i would do without music...It gives me such a release" says Billy.

With clever lyrics, unique word play, amazing punchlines and such a creative imagination, it is no shock that this "Boy Genius" is able to express his TRUE emotions through the lyrics he writes. "Don't think its easy, Hip-Hop has no loopholes/I think outside the box like a dude on parole" - BrILLYant

Join him on his journey to greatness...

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Billy Chapata (BrILLYant)
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Atlanta, GA