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Blood Lust is well known for their fast blues riffs and very unique solos. The band formed when Ron Komsie was working on multiple other band related projects and released the first album, Vanity, Arrogance & Greed! Ron swore to be better and faster than previous members who had played in many of the local acts, and this desire was personified in his albums all the way up to the their latest work Dancing On Your Grave. The band has grown with each album, from the start to their present work. The band keeps getting more mainstream until United We Burn where they brought in the Drummer from a local metal band called Kaos Theory were they began to get back to their metal roots. Since then each existing member, which has stayed on, has worked hard to tighten the sound and increase the beat and intensity of every song. The next album is sure to impress the listening population.
- Review by Odin (God of Metal)

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Band Members
Thom Rupp - Vocals, Ron Komsie - Lead, Charlie Magan - Drums, Jason Datko - Bass
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Blood Lust
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Metal / Alternative / Rock

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Struthers, OH