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J. P. Soars is one of those rare young guitar slingers that can play anything, anywhere, at any time. The blues world is fortunate to have him.He studied the music of the blues greats as well as jazz players such as Wes Montgomery and Django Reinhardt, and jump-blues bandleader Louis Jordan. You can find evidence of his mentors in his arrangements." It must be something in the South Florida water that has given rise to the outstanding array of talent that hails from there of late, including Joey Gilmore, and, now, J. P. Soars. Give a listen to "Back Of My Mind" and see why J. P. soars high, long, and far as a Bluesman!!
Don Crow - Music City Nashville

His debut release, Back of My Mind, focuses on the blues, and it’s a keeper. Soars’ guitar work is dynamite and his gravelly vocals suit his material well. From the sound of things, Soars has a bright future that might not necessarily be limited to the blues side of things. He’s a very versatile guitarist who is well-versed in several different genres. Back of My Mind is a remarkable first release that blues fans need to check out.
Blues Bytes
The band had a long 90-minute set and it was obvious this guy (JP Soars) is a monster guitar and slide player. Usually when a great player does a long set like that it all starts to sound like the same licks about an hour in the set. Not with this guy. He spent many years touring the world with heavy metal guitars bands before he realized his love for the blues was pulling him toward a new kind of music career. He can play it all, rock, metal, jazz, swing and the blues. Catch this guy as soon as you can before he decides to venture off into another genre of music!
Bob Keiser, Blues Blast Magazine

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JP Soars, Chris Peet, Pat Ward, Steve Laudicina
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JP Soars and the Red Hots
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