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(Written by Blushing Panda Magazine)
Just as we thought everyone was packing up for Christmas, one of our favorite bands are back. Frends (Without an I) have been one of our favorites since we heard Average Camps. They took our advice on taking down the re-recorded Average Camps. “You guys were right, the old one is way better” they quoted. The small band from a small town in Ohio, made up of Evan Crowther and Lyle Reed are back with a vengeance and on form.

We have heard 5 or 6 songs of theirs before these two new ones, they were due to release an album, but we think those plans have been shelved for a while. Hopefully the release of these two tracks will start a frendzy (See what we did there?). Out of the two we prefer Fighter Frends, but listening to both tracks, we’ve never noticed before lead singer Crowther sounds like Dave McCabe from the Zutons. Like McCabe, Crowther has one of the most unique voices in music, it isn’t pitch perfect, Simon Cowell wouldn’t be happy, but that is why we love Frends, it gives them an edge and makes them something different. The Zutons haven’t been around for a while, which is more to the reason why it’s almost flabbergasting why they haven’t got a bigger fanbase. They are so small, you can barely find any information about them or any images.

In IT and Fighter Frends the guitars have been ramped up, given more punch and we have noticed a significant improvement in Crowther’s vocals especially in Fighter Frends when he holds in notes for longer than we’ve ever heard him, he should do it more often…there is hardly any strain in his voice. Two top tracks, if we’d were able to bring two overseas bands to play in the UK, we definitely pick these along with Antonio Paul. Brilliant! Keep it up guys.

They are due to be playing at the Lunar Independent Music Festival in Park City, Utah from January 11 to the 13th 2013, so make sure you go and check them out, if you’re around..


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Evan Crowther, Lyle Reed and our back ups!
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Indie / Dance / Alternative

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Rochester, NY
Cindy Newman/Booking Agent/330-987-3727