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Anthony Thomas aka cwik beats is a rapper/record producer who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 13 his passion for music ignited, thomas’ older brother began rapping and took Thomas under his wing and quickly became Thomas’s inspiration. Thomas first began rapping and then later ventured off into producing when his brother gave him his first producing software called “Hip-Hop eJay 2”.

After, he produced his first beat and knew he had talent. He then started participating in school talent shows and continued to excel in school. In the year of 2009, his brother went to jail, and that is when he started to make music his sole priority. He became very determined to make it in the music industry, so that he can get his older brother out of incarceration. While in High school he acquired a lot of his friendships, because of his known talents and started to produce for them. Later that year, Thomas booked a show with the hip hop artist group "The New Boys”, the show was a success. As a result he gained exposure which enabled him to do more shows. Later, Thomas decided he wanted to start a group, but needed a group name. Thomas and his cousin got together and brainstormed ideas and finally came up with the name “I fresh”.

Thomas’ focus is to bring back old school hip hop, like the 1980's hip hop group “Run DMC”: "They were very influential and their feel was original"(Thomas). His motivation for producing, is music producer timberland:” timberland is the man to beat, he motivates me to go harder on every track I produce", said Thomas. Thomas’ understanding of music is what separates him from other music artist in the industry; He explained, "Each beat requires a different type of situation. You have certain beats that when you hear them, you have to know how to approach it lyrically. For instance, commercial beats (club style) a bubblegum rap is essential for that feel, people don't want to think about what was just said; Flourish and do all things well. There is not a person out there that does absolutely everything and I feel that because of my understanding of music. I can do everything.”
Thomas believes he will be acknowledged as one of the best rappers/producers who has ever done it. He stated, “It’s inevitable”.

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cwik beats
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