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Yo my name is Je'kari Stewart.......but alot people know me as Kidd K.O.R.O (kreator of real opinions).. I was born August 5th 1993 in Houston,Texas and have been wanting to be a rapper ever since I heard Hip-Hop... I started writing music when I was about 9 and have been performing in shows since then also....I live on the Northside of Houston in a neighborhood called 44 Acres Homes, and been staying in a house consisted of many families.....My parents split up before I was born, but I am thankful for at least having two parents. When I was in school, I never did really fit in with the cool kids even though I always tried, but my finances wasnt never as much as their's and I kind of suck at sports.. Also I switched schools alot so I never did made lasting friends..but itz whatever though..Im glad I was an uncool kid and different because that it was makes more people feel the life and struggle of the uncool dude...I am just a young guy addicted to fly stuff because I never really had much...I usually rocked 1 pair of shoes for a whole year, and rarely had money to go to the mall because of finances...Im also into acting and that was the only crowd who really accepted me for me in school....Alot of people from my school and hood laugh at me because I like that but forget them...I go for what I want to do...Im starting my movement called L.F.D.L. which stands for (Live Fast Die Last) and it mainly goes against people who tell you...you cant go for your dream.......saying things like you cant be a doctor...a lawyer....or even a astronaut when you are from the hood... .....Go for what you want to be because alot of people laugh at me and acted like i couldnt be a rapper if i wasnt talking about drug dealing....being a ganster...or blowing off school....I said I know I can be original and thats why Im so different to most.....I believe teens and kids should go for your dreams and be educated even if your from the hood...or whatever...I might rap about fly shit in my music,but I make music that everyone can relate to...It doesnt matter if your uncool...fly.....or whatever....It's just whatever Im feeling and itz Real cool azz music that anybody can jam to...so just stay lookn for my mixtape to drop called the Uprising...Basically me coming from nothing trying to be something to the world..lol...Although I like acting...I dont do it on my music because everything i say is real and comes from the heart....So all my fanz if you dont know kidd now...then yall never will...Mixtape coming soon....O yea and my fans look at the new site from my sponsorz G-flight...www.generationflight.net

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louie v, joddie boi,d.fisher,marshall aka black hova
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Kidd K.O.R.O.
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Hip Hop / Rap

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Houston, TX

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